The Best Apps for New Moms

7 Awesome Apps that Make Mom Life Easier

Technology makes so many things easier, and that includes motherhood.  We all know there are apps for just about everything, but it can be hard to find the best apps for new moms when there are so many to choose from.  After four years and two babies, I have an entire folder on my phone dedicated to my favorite apps for new moms.  Even though my kids aren’t newborns anymore, there are quite a few of them that I still use on a regular basis.  Here is my list of the best apps for new moms.

Glow Baby

Glow Baby was the first app I downloaded as a new mom.  The nurses wanted us to keep track of nursing sessions, but we kept forgetting to write them down.  We downloaded the Glow Baby app and started utilizing the breastfeeding log.  It made things so much easier and created a nice little chart that I used on a daily basis.  Glow Baby lets you track diapers changes, feeding, sleep, and more.  It helps you track your baby’s development and growth allows you to log milestones.  It also has a community tab that can extremely helpful to new moms.  I absolutely love Glow Baby and recommend it to any new mom.

best apps for new moms glow baby

The Wonder Weeks

Shortly after having Weston, I was clicking around in the community tab on Glow Baby and saw tons of moms posting a chart with little storm clouds and sunshines on it.  They were discussing developmental leaps and fussy periods, and I quickly discovered that they were talking about The Wonder Weeks appThe Wonder Weeks app walks you through all the developmental leaps of your baby’s first year and a half.  You enter your child’s information, and it gives you a calendar of when to expect each leap.  It also gives you information about each leap, what to expect of your baby’s behavior during a leap, and new skills they should pick up once they’ve completed a leap.  I’m not exaggerating when I say this app is amazing.  I’m always amazed when a leap ends and my baby is doing the exact things The Wonder Weeks app said he would.  I also take comfort in knowing that my baby is fussier and more temperamental for a reason.  I can’t say enough good things about this app.

wonder weeks app for new moms


Tryde is a fun app that helps you asses our child’s development in the areas of motor skills, cognitive development, language, and social skills.  It gives you monthly assessments throughout your baby’s first year, then bi-monthly and tri-monthly assessments until your baby turns two.  This app lets me know how my baby is doing developmentally and gives suggestions on how to assist in helping him progress.  I also love it during birthdays and holidays because it gives toy suggestions for each stage of development.  The toys it recommends are open ended toys, meaning they promote development and can be used as your baby grows (not silly one and done toys that your baby is interested in for five minutes!)

best apps for new moms tryde


Qeepsake is an app that helps you capture the memories and milestones of your child life.  It’s basically a virtual baby book that you don’t forget to complete.  They text you questions and you text back a response (it’s that easy).  Both the question and the response (and photos if you chose) are saved in your profile.  You can turn them into a beautiful book and have it to look back on forever.  It’s definitely the modern mom’s way of keeping track of those little moments that you don’t want to forget.

qeepsake - best apps for new moms


After my first son was born, I remember thinking “why can’t someone just deliver my groceries for me”.  I had no desire to take a newborn into the grocery store in the middle of winter.  Just a few years later and that dream is now a reality!  Instacart lets you create a grocery list within their app, pick a delivery time, and has your groceries delivered to your door.  It’s a dream for any new mom (or for any mom if we’re being honest).


Groovebook is an awesome app that lets you print photos directly from your phone.  My sister got me a 12-month membership for my baby shower and I absolutely love it.  You can pick up to 100 photos a month and they’re sent to you in a cute little book.  Each photo is on perforated photo paper so you can frame them or share them with others.  I love having printed photos and Groovebook makes it super easy.  I’ll be honest, we’ve only framed a few of the photos, but the little book are so much fun to look through, especially as my boys get older.


Guva is a must have app for any parent that wants their baby to sleep on the go.  It has tons of sounds to chose from that can help your baby snooze.  Both of my boys love their sound machines, so when I want them to nap in the car, or even at grandma and grandpa’s house, the Guva app is a lifesaver.  It also has a whole section devoted to sleep tips and they are extremely helpful for any new mom who is trying to figure out how to get everyone sleeping better. 

As a new mom, there are so many things to manage and keep track of.  Luckily, we live in a time where technology can be a total game changer.  I hope this list of must have apps for new moms makes your life just a little bit easier!


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Must Have Apps for New Moms

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