Summer School and Activities for Kids at DSC

Whether it’s learning to cook up a storm, perfecting those football skills, or brushing up on subjects like maths and English, this school has activities galore over the summer. If you’re looking for ideas for keeping the kids busy in the break, DSC International School’s summer programmes are bigger than ever this year, with over 50 choices of things to do and classes to take. We run our eye over the offerings below.

Extension Programmes – 3 July to 18 August

These interest-based programmes are for children aged four to 18 years, and cover a wide range of fun and educational activities. To fit everyone’s summer schedule, the options range from full-week camps to one-hour lessons and half-day options.

DSC International School - Summer School and extension programmes - football

Budding musicians can learn to play the drums in just five days or do a DJ Summer Bootcamp. Young artists can try everything from painting animal portraits to doing wood sculpture. Sports on offer include basketball, kung fu, soccer, tennis and taekwondo – or kids can enrol in a multi-sports programme to try a bit of everything! Among the STEM and STEAM options are creative programmes featuring forensics, robotics, aviation and science.

There are also programmes centred around leadership and life skills, including “Growing Gold: Personal Finance for Kids” and “Take Charge: Become a Leader”. And those with an interest in game design, performing arts (from hip-hop dance to voice acting), cooking, fashion design and film are also catered for

Summer School – 3 to 28 July

DSC is hosting a number of four-week programmes over the summer, including both credit and non-credit courses.

DSC International School Summer Programmes

English or French as a Second Language (Ages 5-15)

Over the four-week period, this language-based summer school programme helps students to develop their literacy skills and also build their confidence in using the languages through fun and interactive activities.

Academic Credit Programmes (Ages 15-18; Grades 9-12)

High school credit programmes are challenging and great for students who really want to reach ahead during the long break.

A number of different options are available:

#1 English (Grades 9-12)
#2 English as a Second Language (ESLCO / ESLDO)
#3 Mathematics (Grades 9 and 10)
#4 Functions and Applications (Grades 11 and 12)

Students are enrolled according to their year of birth, with the grade placement reflecting the coming school year (2023/24). Note that there are some entry prerequisites and requirements for credit courses – visit the website to find out more.

DSC International School is at 5-7 Tai Fung Avenue, Taikoo Shing – right next to Tai Koo station. All the summer programmes are open to the public. Find out more at

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