Summer Activity Ideas

Here are some fun summer activities you might enjoy doing with your kids this summer with everything from making pony-bead lizards and bead bowls to marbleized paper! Have a great summer! ~Liesl

Summer Activity Ideas - with pics

A Huge List of Summer Activity Ideas!

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Send your kids outside to complete this scavenger hunt! This printable is free! 🙂[TAG2]We also have a photo hunt: Have them take photos of the things on the list:[TAG3]Set up an Outdoor Treasure Hunt with QR Codes! Kids use the QR code reader to find their next clue! (Free printable at this post.)[TAG4]My kids also have fun setting up their own Mini-Golf Coarse Challenge! 🙂
Children’s Games from Africa:When we did our unit on Africa some time back, we played a number of children’s games. These might be fun to try out sometime this summer! We went on to make various dishes from Africa as well! 🙂


Teddy Bear Adventures  ED and DD did an activity in Girl Scouts a year or so ago that had their minds whirling!! They made a camping/outdoor scene for a small bear.  They were so inspired by this that we then we spent a long time brainstorming all the other adventures Teddy will go on.  DD wanted me to type up a list — and so I’ll share it with you as well in case your craftsy-kid is interested! :)[TAG9]Teddy Bear Adventures List Printout (free PDF)


My kids really enjoyed making these sponge balls and tossing them around!

Make a Sponge Ball

[TAG11]We used our sponge balls for some Active Math Fact Fun for reviewing those tricky multiplication tables or addition facts!!  This post has 4 active math game ideas!

[TAG12]Make Cinnamon Ornaments with this Cinnamon Clay recipe:

[TAG13]Paper Mache is a really fun craft when the weather gets hot!

Make your own Paper Mache Mushroom House



Your kids might enjoy making Bead Snakes and Lizards. I made an instruction sheet that you can download (free).[TAG16]Free printable with instructions on how to make your own bead lizards and snakes:[TAG17]
Make a Bead Bowl: Last year, we had a lot of fun making these Bead Bowls. We had read about it online and found really easy to do! It took about 20 minutes.[TAG18]
A couple of years we learned how to play Kick the Can. This has become one of our family favorites. Even Hubby and I enjoy playing this in the woods with the kids! This is DEFINITELY a game we have to play this summer!![TAG19]
Bubble Snake and Bubble Wands: Last year the kids really loved making big bubbles. This is another activity we’ll definitely repeat this summer![TAG20]
Make Marbleized Paper    The kids really enjoyed making marbleized paper last year. The paper turned out really pretty and they used it to write long letters to their  relatives and friends.[TAG21]

7 Active Summer Games Our Family Loves

Things like  Blongo Ball (affiliate link)[TAG22]and a Slack Line — Like this  slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line (affiliate link)

 Sun Sensitive Paper  My kids have fun making Sun Pictures with sun sensitive paper. We’ve done this most every summer!SummerActivities-SunSensitivePaper
15 Fabulous Family Board Games and Card Games[TAG25]
20+ Classic History Movies to Watch With Older Kids[TAG26]

Make Math Fun this Summer!!

Math Puzzles

My kids love math puzzles and critical thinking activities. You might want to check out this post about Math Puzzles & Math Brain Teasers. That’s where I shared this Math Riddle Page!

Math Riddles

[TAG27]There is a similar post here:

Critical Thinking Activities – Logic Puzzles, Analogies and More!


Traveling? Don’t forget to pick up our free Road Trip Travel Log. It’s a free 30 page packet of fun things to do on the go (or at home!!!) — from rock collecting and finding all the clouds, constellations to finding all the state license plates and more!!

[TAG29]Long Car Trip? You might also want to grab a small packet of these Mini Scratch Art Paper (affiliate link) The box is small and compact (3.5 by 3.5 inches and comes with 125 scratch sheets!)

[TAG30]Pick up a pack of modeling clay from the dollar store. My kids still love it (at ages 7 and 10)!! DSC08983ClaySticksSummerActivities-Clay

 Camp Songs at Home!!

Sing the classic camp songs with your kids with this free printable:

Free Camp Song Printable


Don’t forget to look through our long list of  summer activities. It’s perfect for elementary and middle school kids.

[TAG34] Summer Activities for Kids

[TAG35]This is a list I compiled from various scout badges that kids can earn. You can have the kids select fun things to do and try to work them into your summer schedule… things such as

  • candle making
  • community service (maybe there is a service project you could do that you don’t have time for during the school year)
  • make your own ice cream
  • create your own mini-golf course

Fun stuff, right?!! Here is the original post: Summer Activities for Kids

If you have younger kids, you might enjoy this HUGE List of Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!! It has more than 100+ activities to do with your 2-5 year old (and it too is free to download!) 🙂


One year I made a Design and Draw Packet for my girls. If you think your kids might enjoy this, it’s free to download!Let me know if your kids enjoy the projects in this packet! 🙂  ~Liesl

FREE to download!

Design and Draw Packet


One year I got the kids a really fun, creative journal called Journal Sparks: Fire Up Your Creativity with Spontaneous Art, Wild Writing, and Inventive Thinking. (affiliate link)  It is such a neat collection of activity ideas!! It’s perfect for the pre-teen crowd (my girls were 9 and 11) — even I would have fun with some of these activities! :) Highly recommended for those long, hot summer days!

[TAG41]Fun, right?

Don’t forget that science can be fun too!! We have done TONS of hands-on science experiments and activities. This STEM unit about electricity and circuits was a huge hit with my kids!! It’s one of my best-sellers over at my TpT Store (though my products are all cheaper here on the blog because of the TpT fees).

[TAG42]There are tons of experiments you can do with the younger 3-6 crowd (check out the Free Science Experiment Packet)

[TAG43]And check out our Science Resource Page for dozens and dozens of other science experiments and activities!

From our Weather Unit (a free download)

[TAG44]From our Ocean Unit: (This is another best-selling unit over at my TpT store!)[TAG45][TAG46]

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P.S. We also LOVE to read. Here are some of our favorites:

Reading!  Books we Love!!
Of course, I can’t go without linking to some of the wonderful books we’ve enjoyed over the years![TAG50]


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