Silentish Saturday

8.35 mile loop and I came home to the kids playing with their chickens.  I had NO idea how attached we would all become to these chickens when we were first buying them.

IMG 2307

Fruit snacks and bandaids are her #1 love language.

IMG 2311

IMG 2316

TJ’s does it again and gives me a delicious and quick lunch with an avocado added on top.

IMG 2317

Andrew had their falafel and burrito.  We are currently fueled completely by TJ’s it feels like ha.

IMG 2287

Her chicken impersonation.  Shoes on the correct feet is overrated in Skye’s opinion.

IMG 2323

Having a reading buddy is really fun.

IMG 2343

I loved this excerpt from the book that I’m reading.

IMG 2344

Brown rice, roasted sweet potatoes, salmon, avocado and poppyseed dressing (which sounds weird but tasted amazing).

IMG 2331

Utah has changed their guidelines and is starting to open things back up again while continuing to follow social distancing.

The kids were just so thrilled to be out in the real world.

IMG 2355 2

We will be living pretty much the same as we have the last few weeks but it will be so nice to be able to look forward to a few things like this again.

IMG 2357

IMG 2366

Finished off with their current favorite movie on Disney+.

IMG 2370

What happens when the Leopard Seal comes on the screen…

IMG 0765

Excited for a weekend run!


Tell me three things that you have going on today!!