Shaping the Future with Children’s Music

Shaping the Future with Children’s’ Music

The sweet melody of musical notes filling the air as your little one plays in the background of the day, while you’re in the kitchen baking cookies for them to decorate. Now isn’t that a scene from the perfect movie. In our house, that image is a bit different.

Yes I bake cookies and we all decorate them together, some being covered in icing more than others and handfuls of sprinkles that are flying everywhere, but the background music isn’t a sweet rosy-cheeked child tapping away on the piano. Certainly not.

Think 2 kids, sat on the floor in the dining room with the array of pots turned over and on display in front of them, and each holding some sort of utensil. Add to that a rhythm that requires serious TLC and singing only a mother could love. This is our Saturday mornings after an early football and gymnastics run of course, always fun in our house.

What defines music though? The history full version you can read about here, but essentially it is a way someone expresses themselves. The medium they have chosen just happens to be on lined paper with quirky shapes that represent different sounds. Oh, the magic.


Kids and music.

When we’re born we already have some sort of knowledge of sound and rhythm, moms’ beating heart beat, the humming of her voice as she speaks, so it’s only natural to be drawn to it in some way.

But if you’d like your child to be more involved with music and an instrument, the advice given is to start them young. Kids are sponges and absorb things at lightning speed, I say this and immediately think to myself how untrue this is when it comes to chores and tidying up, then they have no clue.

However, an early start at anything whether music, language or sport is only going to benefit them in the long run, honing their skills and discovering their talent. Besides, a piano player in the family can’t hurt when it comes to functions am I right?

The reason behind wanting your child to learn an instrument should also be clear if you want them to do something you never got the chance to do then this might be forcing them into a hobby that doesn’t interest them. If it’s more about emerging them in a musical environment and seeing how it goes this could work better.

You may be on the fence when it comes to this subject so grab a cup of tea, plop down on the sofa and read this short blog where other parents are discussing the ins and outs of music and when or how to introduce your child to it.

Shaping the Future with Children’s Music

Musical Schools and Academies.

Then there is the handful of children who are born singing or tapping along to sounds and beats they hear around them, this is when it’s a definite choice to fine-tune their ear and grow their potential in music.

There are schools specifically designed around instilling music into the everyday learning curriculum, same as sports schools or academic. The focus lies on the talent. And the sooner you get your little one in, the quicker you book them for your wedding vowel renewal.

There are many benefits of enrolling them from the early years, let’s discuss some advantages of this:

  • Age. The starting age will differ from child to child, but the younger they start, the easier it is for them to learn and take it all in. With regards to an instrument, the average age tends to be around 5 as kids can concentrate a bit longer and sit still for a decent period.
  • Instrument. They might want to play the double bass, but have you ever seen a 6year old holding up a bass, rather opt for something more manageable, to begin with, and progress up. Chat to the music teacher if the child has his mind set.
  • Schedule. Consider how much time you and the child have to pay attention to the practice needed, if this is all they’re interested then great, practice will come easy.
  • Teacher. See how far the class is before signing up as travel might be an issue, if you’re at a music school then this is a bonus. If this was your initial thinking, be sure to check out the top music programs for your little one and get them on a path that will make their souls’ words be shown in the music.
  • Space & Cost. Last but not least, these 2 factors are the decisive point in getting a musical instrument. Sit down and write all the features before any purchases.

Music has been around for centuries to bring the world together; If your young man is a part of that, then all the better for the future.

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