Icon Stickers for Your Teacher & Daily Planners

It has been a while since my Etsy Store has been open, but I am thrilled to announce that it is back and better than ever!

One thing to know about me is that I am a huge planner-- from daily to business to teaching to budgets-- if I don't write something down, I forget it.

Checklists, fun pens, stickers, and washi tape make the whole process a more creative endeavor. You can find all of my favorites in my Amazon Store!

As a teacher, however, I wasn't having the same experiences in my lesson planner. I found myself rewriting the same things over and over again which made lesson planning even more taxing.

Why was I using so many acronyms, notes that even I couldn't reread later that week, rewriting the Specials my kids went to each day, and on and on?

In 2015, I opened my Etsy Store focused on icon stickers specifically for teachers. I am so excited to be reopening it and have expanded my icons to encompass even more, for both your teacher and daily planners!

What's an Icon Sticker?

My icon stickers are just right for any planner you are using. They are small, 1/2" round icons that fit into your planners without taking up much-needed space.

Each icon is white with a rainbow background color scheme, so they will look great week to week and month to month.

There are 50(!) icons on the page, but the sticker sheet itself is around 3x7", so it will fit into your folders, planning packets, your desk drawer... wherever!

My icon stickers are available in matte and glossy finish. They are printed with high-quality laser ink and the color covers the entire sticker. I take great pride in these stickers and their quality because I know how clean, beautiful plans can positively impact our mental health, which is more important now than ever before.

Glossy or Matte?

Photo: Top= Matte, Bottom= Glossy, Icons= Brain Breaks

All icon stickers are available in both matte and glossy finishes. They are both printed with high quality laser ink and the color is crisp and full on both.

So, it typically comes down to a matter of preference. Many people like the look of glossy in their planner. It can match some of the other commercial stickers that are sold in larger stores.

Glossy also has a more finished appearance. While both are very clear, glossy finishes look a bit more crisp than matte since the light catches it differently. Glossy is also a more solid sticker. Matte is more flexible, but glossy doesn't have much bend or give. In a 1/2" sticker size, it's not terribly noticeable, but if you have both in your collection, you will notice a difference.

There is a higher cost for glossy stickers because the material costs of the sticker sheets is higher for me, as well.

As with all planning, it comes down to your personal preference and the look you want in your planner. I have used and loved both, but I ultimately use matte in my planners and love them!

Teaching Icons

Photo: Subject Icons, Teacher Words, Specials Icons

Teaching icons were what started my business and still what I use the most throughout the school year.

These little circles fit into any lesson planner you have and don't take up more than a corner. You can layer a sticker underneath or just keep the icon alone, it will serve its purpose no matter what.

What I have loved about using icons is that they are a universal language, so if a sub needs to look at my plans, it's easy to see what they mean. This was not the case when I would abbreviate or make chicken scratch notes!

Icons can help label who is Meeting Leader that week, what you're doing for each subject (daily, weekly, monthly, or even in the yearly spread!), noting meetings, marking what specials your students go to each day, reminding you to include a Brain Break... you name it!

The point of these icons is to make planning efficient, easier, and more fun. The multicolor sheets can help mix up your week or coordinate with a specific palette. With ten colors, you have a lot of variety and options!

New this year are my teacher acronym/word sheets using a Rae Dunn-inspired font. There are some times, like for an IEP, substitute, and PLC, when even icons cannot help, so these words are here to help!

Daily Icons

I have expanded my collection of daily icons after seeing how much I loved these in my teacher planner.

Daily icons can help with your weekly systems, like chores, trash and recycling, and laundry. They can also mark appointments for your pet, track your fitness and steps, and remind you to budget or grab cash from the ATM.

These icons also come in the same rainbow format and, if you're like me, you will find a lot of crossover between the daily and teacher icons. For example, I use the PE icon to also note when I go for runs.

Because there are so many beautiful planner sticker shops out there in the world, these icons are meant to complement and enhance those beautiful spreads. I am in awe of the amazing artists I have found on Etsy and with their own shops (be sure to check out my weekly Plan With Me videos on YouTube and follow me on Instagram where I highlight my favorites), and I love how these icon stickers are subtle but clear reminders of what I need to do.

Custom & Fundraising Icons

I have had a few requests for Custom Icons and, while I am not currently offering this option as I get back into the swing of things, be sure to sign up for my Newsletter where I will announce when that option is available.

There are also two sticker sheets in my shop that are directly benefiting two amazing organizations.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) stickers will benefit The Loveland Foundation with 100% of the full retail cost going to support therapy for Black women and girls. Read more here: https://thelovelandfoundation.org.

The Pride stickers will benefit The Trevor Project with 100% of the full retail cost going to support suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. Read more here: https://www.thetrevorproject.org.

My Etsy Store

My Etsy Store is open and I hope you enjoy scrolling through the 100+ icons that can help streamline your planning, coordinate with any color scheme, and make planning more fun and functional.

You can see all of these icon stickers here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/3rdGradeThoughts.

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate these planners into your lesson planner and daily planners!

*Quick Note: I will be back soon to share my favorite new Teacher Lesson Planner with you all! I can't wait!

Happy planning!