How To Design A Kid-Friendly Garden

We love our kids and we love spending time with them but, sometimes, we just need a little space. 

We love our kids more than life itself but sometimes when they’re crying because they miss the cookie they already ate or they’re interrupting you while you’re on the phone to ask if ducks dream at night you might find yourself wishing that they’d just get out of your hair for two minutes and give you some room to breathe. 

Don’t let the parent-guilt creep in, we’re only human and we all need a minute or two to breathe from time to time. So, when you feel swarmed by little sticky people then you might want to encourage your kids to give you some space by using the line mothers have been using since the dawn of time: ‘go outside and run around.’ When our own parents told us to go and play outside we might have rolled our little eyes or chucked a fit but, the science is in, outdoor play is essential for children’s development

But, how do you make sure your garden is enticing, entertaining and most importantly safe for your little ones? 

Check out our recommendations for your garden that will it the ultimate kiddie paradise that will help their development, give them hours of fun and parents a much-needed slice of peace and quiet. 

Playsets & Cubby Houses 
We all know the importance of imaginative play to children’s development. Kids learn by observing the world around them and imaginative play is where they get the chance to learn by doing and exploring the world around them in an imaginative, safe and creative way. When kids are playing ‘families’ or ‘shop’ they are mimicking the adult world around it and making sense of the interactions they observed in everyday life. This sort of play is vital to fostering their language use, imagination and as well as social and emotional development. 
To encourage imaginative play at home consider purchasing a playset or a cubby house. From cloth tents to wooden cubbies and even outdoor kitchens that will take the mud pies, stick broths and leaf salads your kids have been making to the next level. Check out this expert-made list of the best outdoor toys for kids

Sun Umbrellas 
As anyone who’s ever tried to get a baby or a toddler to wear a hat will tell you, there’s nothing kids like more than chucking a hat onto the floor. Similarly, as anyone who’s ever tried to apply sunscreen to a squirming, slippery toddler will attest, you’d have better luck trying to cling onto a bucking bronco. So, how do you protect your kids’ precious skins from the harsh rays of the sun? We suggest a sun umbrella to create shade and provide UV protection that you kids can’t foil.

Outdoor Dining & Lounge Sets
Promote family time in the fresh air with outdoor dining sets and lounges. Spending time together as a family is an unmatched joy, spending time eating outside, doing art projects, or even snuggling up on a lounge reading out loud is a great way to enjoy each other and the garden. Head here to check out some great, kid-friendly outdoor furniture.