Get the Zest from a Lemon Craft

If your students are making a fun lemon craft from our bundle, here are a few ways to encourage more fine motor practice! 


Using a giant push pin to poke holes from the back of the craft will give the lemon some texture. It's a good fine motor activity too! 


Concertina fold the legs and arms for a fun stretchy effect! Encourage them to persist - it's a worthwhile technique to master for future craft projects and independent design-and-make tasks. 

Give your students a verbal prompt to help them remember the movement - e.g. fold back, flip, fold back, flip, fold back, flip....

Demonstrating with a large piece of paper will help as well as having them fold flat on the table and one step at a time.


You can apply these techniques to any paper craft project! 


I'd love to share with you a fast-prep language and listening game you may like to play with your students too! It's perfect for a lesson transition, brain break or as a literacy based warm up. Your students will listen to words, repeat them back to you and identify 1 or 2 syllables.

Language and Listening Game for Syllables: Lemon Lime

  • print the lemon and lime visual to help explain and engage your students in an introduction to the game (optional) 
  • ask students to clap twice (and repeat word back to you) if they hear a word with 2 syllables - as in lemon
  • ask students to clap once if they hear a word with one syllable
  • call word at random and help students identify the number of syllables if needed
Syllables game

Some 2 Syllable Words 

  • lemon 
  • zebra
  • zigzag
  • velvet
  • belong
  • ankle
  • thunder
  • quiet
  • vivid
  • exit
  • whisper
  • playful
  • daytime
  • today
  • crayon
  • trying

Some 1 Syllable Words

  • lime
  • ant
  • snap
  • ten
  • desk
  • sand
  • milk
  • flag
  • swim
  • next
  • wing
  • shell
  • brain
  • snail
  • cake
  • frog

These words are also suitable for early reading if you'd like to write them as you say them for your students. 

You could also:

  • brainstorm some adjectives for lemons and make a class chart
  • challenge students to think of adjectives that start with l for an interesting subset on the list - lovely, little, light, lustrous, luminous, lively and luscious perhaps
  • use the lemon/lime visuals for a math based movement game on left/right (lemon on the left, lime on the right)
  • read some books about fruits and seeds