Free Cat Craft

Cat Craft for Kids Free
I know your little ones love to do craft and we have a new free project to share with you today. With just a few supplies you can set up a creative experience to follow on from, or springboard into a range of literacy experiences.

To make this cute cat paper craft you will need:

  • the free one page craft template - over in our Coloring Club (sign up with just your email)
  • a printer
  • pencils or crayons
  • scissors
  • glue
Free Craft for Kids Pets

To make this paper craft cat:

  • color the cat parts
  • carefully cut them out - we've made them perfect for early-scissor-skills
  • glue the head on the body followed by the tail behind the body
Free Cat Craft for Kids

Cat literacy activities

Why not combine this activity with some reading and writing:
  • brainstorm a list of cool cat names for a story
  • write a list of cat sounds to make a story about a cat more engaging and descriptive
  • make a list of things a pet cat needs
  • draw a home for a pet cat or create it from paper scraps
  • ask students to tell you words that rhyme with cat
  • with kindergarten, model how to write a sentence about a cat and ask students to attempt some writing too
  • first and second grade could write a paragraph or short story about a cat's nightly adventures
  • read Mrs Brown and the Midnight Cat, one of our faves
  • role play going to the pet store to buy a cat - have students practice structuring questions to enquire about the suitability of a particular cat (language activity)
  • together as a class, research 5 fun facts about cats and record them on paw prints to display with the crafts 
Cat Craft Printable

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