Free Books for Kids

Reading is one of the most important ways to expand cognitive development in our kids! It helps to stimulate their imagination and creates a love for learning! Reading to your child is one of the most effective ways to build their language development! There are so many benefits to reading to your child and we know there is a need to find books! We wanted to share with you where to find Free Books for Kids! You will be amazed at all of these options!

Free Books for Kids

Free Books for Kids

Do you have a favorite book from your childhood? One of my favorite books is “‘Stand Back’, Said the Elephant, ‘I’m Going to Sneeze!'” I was excited to read it to my kids but they were not as excited about it. The great thing is our kids have so many choices when it comes to books! If you want to increase your kid’s library collection then you will want to bookmark this post! We will share both physical books and online resources.

Public Libray

We all know that our library is a great resource for checking out books. However, most libraries have a donation center where people can drop off they no longer want. Libraries also have the best summer reading programs and will give out rewards and prizes for kids that have met their reading goals! Often times, the reward is books!

Book Swap

Have you ever heard of a book swap? Basically, when you have books that you no longer want you can post them on a site like BooksFreeSwap. When someone wants to swap with you the site helps to coordinate the details. Most of these sites are free to use but the recipient will always pay for shipping.

Imagination Library 

One way to receive free books is to take advantage of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library! This is a book gifting program that mails free books to children from birth to age 5. They mail over 1 million free books EACH MONTH to children around the world! It’s just phenomenal all that they are able to do! Click here to find out more!

Free Online Books for Kids

There are a number of places to find free books online. Most of these sites have the books posted online for you to read. Some even have audio versions of the book. We have been utilizing these books lately as a way to supplement at-home learning! 

Free Online Books

The most comprehensive list of online sites that have free books to read is Project Gutenberg with over 60.000 FREE ebooks! There may not be as many modern books available here but plenty of classics to choose from and they even have audiobooks! 

Gismo’s Freeware is also a site that has a great selection of resources! They give a description to over 200 sites and give a link to that site! All of this is free to use! I recommend finding your favorite listing and bookmark it!

Free Audio Books for Kids

I have been listening to more books lately and have really enjoyed having this option! I know that my kids really enjoy audiobooks too! The first place to look is Amazon’s Audible! You will find a bunch of books that are free with an Audible membership. You can find titles like The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and even Frozen Junior Novel! 

A site that I like because of all the free resources and because it’s easy to navigate is Loyal Books! It is a free public domain audiobook and eBook downloads! They give a summary of most books and then you can download the audio version to your smartphone! 

The truth is the world of books is at our fingertips! We have the option to read them online, swap physical books, or listen to them through our headphones! The online library is vast and a great FREE resource that we should take advantage of for our families!