Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette Season Guide: Cast, Release Date, and More

The Bachelorette Season 20 premiere is mere weeks away, and Bachelor Nation fans are excited to see Charity Lawson embark on her journey for love. Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette Season will return to having only one lead, after Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey were both featured as leads on The Bachelorette Season 19. During The Bachelor Season 26, Charity fell for Zach Shallcross, although he later broke her heart by sending her home after hometown week. Charity is now ready to find her forever man, and is hopeful that he is in her group of 25 suitors.

The Bachelorette Season 20 Release Date

The Bachelorette Season 20 is set to premiere on Monday, June 26. While the Bachelorette traditionally premiered in May for many years, this was slightly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. More recent seasons have seen a premiere in June, and Season 19 even premiered in July. Airing typically lasts a little over two months, so it can be estimated that Charity’s Bachelorette season finale will air sometime around the end of the summer.

What Drama Is Teased In The Bachelorette Season 20 Trailer

The Bachelorette Season 20 trailer certainly teases the romance, but also sheds some light on the drama to come this season. Several of the men are shown getting into an argument during a cocktail party, with one even claiming that another “did him dirty.” Charity then proclaims that she is not “here for the foolishness” and emphasizes that the process is “not a game.” The trailer ends with a shock, hinting that Charity chose to take a rose back from one of her suitors.

The Bachelorette Season 20 Cast

The Bachelorette Season 20 will feature a cast of 25 men, which is a bit less than the usual average of 30. Jesse Palmer will return to host his second season of The Bachelorette, after getting to know Charity previously on Zach’s season of The Bachelor. Charity’s 25 suitors range between the ages of 24 and 33, and have come to meet Charity from all around the United States.

Charity Lawson

Charity is a 27 year old woman from Columbus, Georgia, who is more than ready to find the love of her life. She works as a children and family therapist, which helps to explain why the Georgia native has such a big heart. Charity’s heart was broken by Zach, but she is hopeful that she will meet her forever love in her group of suitors.

Aaron B.

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Aaron B. is a 29 year old software salesman, who currently resides in San Diego, California. Much like Charity’s ex, Zach, Aaron B. also happens to be a former football player. Aaron B. also has some musical talent, and taught himself how to play both the piano and violin.

Aaron S.

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Aaron S. is a 33 year old firefighter, who is also from San Diego, California. He believes that he is ready for love, and has even admitted that he has a mysterious side. In his free time, Aaron S. enjoys participating in numerous water activities such as surfing and paddle boarding.


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Adrian is a 33 year old realtor, who hails from Northridge, California. He definitely considers himself a family man, as Adrian is a single father with seven stepsiblings. Adrian is also passionate about being a personal trainer, and working to help others meet their fitness goals.


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Brayden is a 24 year old travel nurse, who currently lives in San Diego, California. Though Brayden may be one of the younger competitors, he is a romantic at heart who is ready to find his wife. Brayden also loves his dog, River, and hopes that Charity will be willing to gain a furry friend.

Caleb A.

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Caleb A. is a 29 year old resident physician, who currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Recently, Caleb A. completed his medical training, and is finally ready to dedicate some time to finding love on Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette Season. Caleb A. also enjoys music as a hobby, and is a skilled music producer and guitar player.

Caleb B

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Caleb B. is a 24 year old professional wrestler, who lives in Orlando, Florida. While Caleb B. may be a wrestler, he considers himself to be a total softie in real life. Caleb B. is also big on family, and is eager to settle down to create one of his own.


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Chris is a 27 year old world record jumper, who hails from White Plains, New York. Clearly, Chris is a very ambitious man, which he demonstrates through his two Guinness World Record titles. Chris also describes himself as committed and passionate, and hopes to be Charity’s perfect match on The Bachelorette Season 20.


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Dotun is a 30 year old integrative medicine specialist, who is from Brooklyn, New York. He is passionate about family, and comes from a large Nigerian American family. With a passion for travel, Dotun hopes that his future wife will also share that interest.


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James is a 28 year old attorney, who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. A true Mid Westerner at heart, James considers himself to be a hopeless romantic. James is hoping to find his forever match, and is hopeful that Charity may be the special woman.


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Joe is a 32 year old tech operations director, from San Francisco, California, who considers himself to be very adventurous. After traveling throughout much of the world, Joe is looking for a partner who is positive and ambitious, and wonders if Charity might be his soulmate.


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Joey is a 27 year old tennis professional, who lives in tropical Lawai, Hawaii. After moving to Hawaii to pursue his dream of teaching tennis, Joey has managed to build a dream life for himself there. However, he is still missing a partner, and hopes that Charity might soon be his.


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John is a 27 year old data scientist, from New York, New York. Though John is very passionate about his work, he feels that he is finally ready to add a wife and kids into the mix. John is also a skilled dancer, and always enjoys learning new moves on TikTok.

John Henry

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John Henry is a 30 year old underwater welder, from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The underwater welder does not just enjoy being in the water for work, but also is a big fan of diving. John Henry has admitted that he can be shy at first, however, once he feels comfortable he is all in.


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Josh is a 28 year old graduate student at Harvard, who hails from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, Josh considers himself to be an old school romantic. Josh is also huge on family, and hopes to have four kids of his own one day.


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Kaleb is a 26 year old construction salesman, who resides in Norcross, Georgia. He is also a former Division I football player, who is passionate about being the best version of himself. Charity and Kaleb already have a lot in common, as both attended Auburn University and grew up in Georgia.


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Khalid is a 28 year old tech recruiter, who lives in Dearborn, Michigan. With has seven siblings, Khalid comes from a large loving Muslim family. Khalid is also passionate about hitting the gym, and while he considers himself a romantic, he does not open up to just anyone. His hesitancy to open up may cause him problems on Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette Season.


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Michael is a 28 year old yacht caption, who is from Chicago, Illinois. His love language is gift giving, and Michael enjoys often showering his partner with thoughtful gifts and gestures. Michael is also an only child, but hopes to have a bigger family of his own one day.


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Nic is a 32 year old human resources executive, who comes from Bayonne, New Jersey. He is also an army veteran, and is looking for a partner that he can travel the world with. Nic also loves to cook, and is hoping to make a meal for Charity soon!


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Peter is a 33 year old airline pilot, from New York, New York. Though Peter considers himself to be a man of faith, he also likes to have a good time and party on occasion. Peter has been searching for his perfect match for some time, and is hopeful that Charity might be the one for him on The Bachelorette Season 20.


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Sean is a 25 year old software sales representative, who lives in Tampa, Florida. An extremely hardworking man, Sean recently brought his first house. Sean also enjoys golfing and boat rides, and is hoping to share some of his passions with Charity.


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Spencer is a 32 year old medical sales director, from Moorpark, California. He is a single dad, and his young son is his main priority. Spencer also enjoys a good bike ride, and is eager to create some new memories on Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette Season!


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Tanner is a 30 year old mortgage lender, who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Though Tanner also works as a fitness instructor, he is most passionate about rescuing dogs to help them find a forever home. Tanner is ready to find love, and is even more ready to meet Charity.


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Taylor is a 32 year old loan officer, from Springboro, Ohio. He considers himself to be a comedian at heart, and always has a joke up his sleeve. Taylor also has a miniature schnauzer named Alfred, who he hopes to possibly introduce to Charity!


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Warwick is a 27 year old construction manager, from Nashville, Tennessee. Though Warwick admits that he can be a bit of an over-thinker at times, he is truly ready to find love. Warwick is also a big family man, and his family’s Japanese heritage is very important to him.


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Xavier is a 27 year old biomedical student, from Carrboro, North Carolina. Standing at 6’6″, Xavier is one of Charity’s tallest suitors. Xavier also wants to find a relationship as loving as his parents’, and hopes that he may be able to find that with Charity on The Bachelorette Season 20.


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