Atomic Power Popper with Rocking Sticky Target by Hog Wild Toys

Be the parent hero and bring home the Atomic Power Popper with Rocking Sticky Target. It’s exciting, fun, and has plenty of hidden learning. It’s great for kids 4 and up, and it promotes motor development, hand-eye coordination and math language development.

Kids first load the foam balls into the popper, using hand strength to press them inside.  Then aim at your sticky target and pop away! This requires precision, dexterity, hand and arm strength and spatial awareness. The more accurate you are, the more the target rocks and moves!

The hidden learning element came with some competition. Kids began using math and measurement during play. They kept track of their score, adding and using reverse operations to determine how much of a lead they had on their opponent. Overheard: “25, 10, 10, and 100 equals 145, so you need 20 more to tie me,” and “Now let’s do it 2 feet back.”

Additionally, the Atomic Power Popper encourages social interaction, sportsmanship and communication. Kids took turns, practiced social skills and used teamwork. Finding the foam balls that didn’t make it on the target was good teamwork too, ha! Kids loved the Atomic Power Popper and were wildly eager to play. It combines fun with math learning and motor development.

Available at Hog Wild Toys, Amazon and Target

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