6 alternatives to going square-eyed on Netflix this week

Are you Netflixed out? Up the tempo and try doing some of these fun activties instead and add a new string to your bow in the process. 

words Nikita Garb


Develop a new skill

What do in lockdown in Abu Dhabi

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Learn a new language or a musical instrument on many of the accessible apps, online platforms and YouTube videos offering free lessons. So, blow the dust off that ukulele which has been lying in the top shelf or greet your loved ones in a different language next time you meet them.


Catch up on your reading

What books to read

Now is the time to smash that reading list. Grab a coffee, cuddle up on your sofa and read, read, read! It’s the perfect time to recommend books to your friends… better still, gift them an e-book.


Art busters

Activities for kids in abu dhabi

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Pull out your art-craft supplies and create a masterpiece. You can make it a family activity and keep your kids engaged as well. Explore new painting, crafting and journaling techniques online. Surprise your audience on social media with your gorgeous creations and maybe fill that void on your drawing room wall.


Home health is a must

Home yoga in Abu Dhabi

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Bring your gym to your home. Explore the benefits of meditation and yoga or the rush of dance and Zumba while you work out every morning or evening. Get your loved ones to join you and make it a group activity.


Put on your chef’s hat

Put on your oven gloves, logon to online cooking videos and learn to cook a new dish. Titillate those taste buds with mouth-watering creations of your own if you can’t go out to your favourite restaurant.


Stay connected

Video calls in abu dhabi


Talk to your loved ones on the phone or via video and share your day with them. Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to be out of touch. Share a few laughs and keep the spirits high! Spread love and happiness virtually


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