38 Fun Websites To Cure Your Boredom

The internet is an amazing thing. It’s the most used research tool in the world and has replaced encyclopedias and newspapers as the best source of getting information on any topic or event happening in the world. And while it has many great uses, more often than not we find ourselves doom scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on the couch wasting time. If you are really that bored and have nothing else to do, instead of looking at your social media, check out the myriad of interesting and fun websites littered across the world wide web. 

There are over 4.5 billion internet users across the globe, so entertainment is of the highest order. Sometimes people just want to kill a few minutes while waiting in line for an appointment or commuting to work. When you are bored and need to fill some time and don’t feel like being productive (it’s ok not to hustle 24/7), then visiting one of these informative, fun, or weird websites will help pass the time and give you a chance to have a little fun. 

38 Fun Websites To Cure Your Boredom


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1. A Good Movie To Watch

If you spend more time searching for a movie to watch rather than actually watching it, you need A Good Movie To Watch. Every movie and TV show listed on the site has a 70% or more rating on Rotton Tomatoes or 7/10 on IMDB.

If there are still too many choices, hit the “random suggestion” button and settle in for a movie handpicked by the A Good Movie To Watch team from one of the top streaming sites. 

Link: goodmovietowatch.com

2. Sporcle

Enjoy quizzes? Then this is the website for you. Calling itself the “world’s largest quiz community,” you can find trivia questions on pretty much anything. 

Link: sporcle.com

3. Heardle

This little website/app is such a massive success that it was bought out by Spotify. The premise is simple: you listen to snippets of a song and have to guess the title and artist. The quicker you can achieve this, the better your stats. As the website is now associated with Spotify, you can share your results or click on the song and hear it in its entirety. 

Link: spotify.com/heardle

4. Find the Invisible Cow

This website is pretty self-explanatory. Move your cursor around the screen and the closer you get to the cow, the louder and faster the word “cow” is said until you discover the hidden cow. This cool website is fun for the whole family.

Link: findtheinvisiblecow.com

5. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a fantastic resource for creatives who are into building 3D models. It’s a place where you can showcase your designs as well as buy and sell 3D projects. 

Link: sketchfab.com

6. The Useless Web

If you have no idea what you want to do while on the internet, this website will sort you out. Clicking on the title page takes you to any number of websites that include everything from soundboards and online games to quizzes and bizarre sites that make no sense. You are always guaranteed to come across something different when visiting The Useless Web

Link: theuselessweb.com

7. Wordle 

A smash hit during the pandemic, Wordle is still going strong. If you don’t know what this game is then you’ve been sleeping under a rock. It’s a basic word-guessing game that is now owned by The New York Times.

Link: nytimes.com/games/wordle

8. Gnoosic

Tired of Spotify’s boring playlists with the same songs repeated over and over again? Gnoosic is a website that finds new music you might like based on three artists you love. It uses a slightly different algorithm, meaning better music that fits your taste. 

Link: gnoosic.com

9. Hacker Typer

This is your chance to be like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix without the bullet time-fighting. Just start typing and your words will be transformed into computer language. You will have no idea what it means but it sure does look cool.  

Link: hackertyper.com

10. MapCrunch

This fun website generates a random daily image from Google Maps. You could find yourself looking at a house in London or an ancient monument in Rome. You never know what you might encounter.

Link: mapcrunch.com

11. Patatap

Hit the keys on your keyboard and listen to the weird and wonderful sounds they make when exploring this funny website. Different keys also trigger objects to appear as well as the screen to change different colors. 

Link: patatap.com

12. GeoGuesser

Test your geography skills while exploring the world as you try and name a location in the world based on satellite photos. 

Link: geoguessr.com

13. Paper Toilet

If you’ve got some free time on your hands and want to waste it playing with fake toilet paper, this website will suit you. 

Link: papertoilet.com

14. Not Always Right

Anyone who has worked in the hospitality or retail sector has bucketloads of horror stories dealing with bad customers. Not Always Right gathers these stories together and is a place where people can vent about their interactions with the general public. 

Link: notalwaysright.com

15. Themedle

The pandemic resulted in a lot of fun websites and apps presenting cool games and brain teasers. Themedle is one such game that takes inspiration from Heardle. You have to try and deduce the title of a movie by listening to a song or composition that features in the movie. 

Link: themedle.com

16. Know Your Meme

This website is your comprehensive guide to meme culture. Every major meme is written about in detail, enabling you to find out the origins of certain memes and their impact on pop culture. A great website for meme aficionados. 

Link: knowyourmeme.com

17. Supercook

This popular website is ideal for the home chef who doesn’t have a lot of time. Whack in the ingredients you have at home and Supercook will come up with hundreds of recipes using those ingredients. 

Link: supercook.com

18. Color Hunt

Experience all the colors of the rainbow and more with this great website. It features a slew of color palettes you can check out and use to help pick the new color for your bedroom or the color you should use for the logo of your business. 

Link: colorhunt.co

19. Drench

The aim of this fun game is to “drench” the game board in one color. It’s a basic-looking website but an enjoyable interactive game that makes for a great time killer. 

Link: flashbynight.com/drench

20. The Secret of Monkey Island

One of the greatest point-and-click adventure games is now free to play thanks to the Internet Archive. This killer online game will keep you distracted for hours. If you’re not a fan of The Secret of Monkey Island, don’t fret, as there are over 8,000 classic titles free to play, including Mortal Kombat, Doom, Contra, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? 

Link: rchive.org/details/msdos_Secret_of_Monkey_Island_The_1990

21. Ocearch Shark Tracker

The Marine Research Group OCEARCH has come up with this neat website that allows you to track all the sharks they have tagged. What’s even cooler is all the sharks have names, so you can follow the 13-foot tiger shark Aussie as she swims around the coast of Western Australia. 

Link: ocearch.org/tracker

22. Pottermore 

The ultimate Harry Potter fan site, Pottermore has everything fans of Hogwarts could want. You can participate in quizzes that determine what house you belong to and the type of wand you would wield.

This website provides hours of fun for Potter nerds and includes a link leading to a kid’s website with ever more fun stuff for those who are a bit younger. 

Link: wizardingworld.com

23. Window Swap

Watch the world go by through the window of someone else. Window Swap allows you to swap your daily view with someone else in the world. You could be looking at a cityscape or the mountains, all in live time. 

Link: window-swap.com

24. River Styx

Take an interactive ride through the Greek underworld and experience what life after death might be like. Charon guides you on your adventure, providing you with all the info you need. 

Link: riverstyx.com

25. Jigsaw Explorer

This website has stacks of jigsaw puzzles for you to solve, from landscapes to famous structures and monuments. 

Link: jigsawexplorer.com

26. Staggering Beauty

Make sure you have your headphones on and the sound down when checking out this weird website. And stay away if you are epileptic as what occurs on the screen will not be good for your health. 

Link: staggeringbeauty.com

27. Post Secret

People send postcards to this website where they reveal secrets they have kept about themselves and others for years. Some are funny, some are sad, while others are downright disgusting, but they will all keep your interest. 

Link: postsecret.com

28. Udemy

Take a learning adventure with Udemy and enroll in over 213,000 online video courses. Whether you want to learn something new or upskill, there are courses for all types of jobs. 

Link: udemy.com

29. Spend Elon Musk’s Fortune

This exciting website lets you imagine you’re as rich as Elon Musk and gives you his entire bank balance to spend on whatever you like. Want a private concert with your favorite band or artist? It’ll cost you a cool $1 million. Want to buy an NFL team? You’ll need to cough up $3 billion. See how much you can spend before all of Musk’s money is gone. 

Link: spend-elon-fortune.com

30. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about nature and the creatures that occupy our world. If you are stuck babysitting the kids and need something educational, try the sister website National Geographic Kids.

There is so much for them to learn and plenty of interactive puzzles and games. It’s much better than trying to get them to play math games or other school-related activities that are boring. 

Link: natgeokids.com

31. Radio Garden

This neat website allows you access to hundreds of different radio stations around the world. Check out what’s hot in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, or Angola. 

Link: radio.garden

32. HowStuffWorks

Learn how stuff works, be it tech, health, entertainment, or auto-related. You can find just about everything on this interesting website that will keep you busy for hours. 

Link: howstuffworks.com

33. The Great Discontent

Read interviews with some of the world’s brightest and most innovative creatives. If you’re not a big reader, The Great Discontent also has a podcast and short video series. 

Link: thegreatdiscontent.com

34.  The Onion

Get your dose of daily satirical news from the long-running publication The Onion. Nothing is off-limits. Expect to be laughing out loud while reading. 

Link: theonion.com

35. Scream Into the Void

Reached that point of your work day where you could scream your lungs out in frustration? Save your breath and hit up Scream Into the Void. Type what you want to say and the website will scream it for you. Just be sure to keep the volume down. 

Link: screamintothevoid.com

36. Explore Mount Everest

Only a handful of people actually get the opportunity to climb Mount Everest. If it’s on your bucket list but you don’t think it’s likely, this website is the next closest thing to actually scaling the famous mountain, minus the cold and possibility of death.  

Link: mount-everest3d.com

37. Fail Blog

This website has been going on since 2008 and is full of hilarious images of people failing at life. Sure to bring a smile to your face, no matter how bad your mood is. 

Link: failblog.cheezburger.com

38. Pixel Thoughts

This 60-second meditation tool will have you feeling cool, calm, and collected. Type what’s bothering you into the website and watch as your problem slowly disappears. 

Link: pixelthoughts.co