35 shows you can binge in one day if you need an easy escape

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Let's face it: None of us have spare time, and we all need a distraction from ... everything. And what better time-friendly distraction is there than a great TV show you can binge in one day?

Whether you're looking to take your mind off current events, or you just want to catch up on some of TV's most popular shows without taking up too much time, we've got some suggestions for you. From exquisite comedies to nail-biting dramas, whimsical fantasies, musical mayhem, and spine-tingling horror, here's a list of 35 excellent shows you can binge-watch in their entirety in about a day (between two and 10 hours).

1. We Are Lady Parts

The heroines of
Credit: Credit: Saima Khalid / Peacock

How long: 3 hours (6 episodes, 25 minutes each)

Short, energetic, and cheerful, Nida Manzoor's We Are Lady Parts packs a major punch. Anjana Vasan sparkles as Amina, a PhD student torn between her desire to play guitar, her crush on Ahsan, and her need to be a “model” Muslim woman. Without telling her family or best friends, she joins a local female punk band hoping it will bring her closer to Ahsan (his sister is the drummer). The lyrics and style of music frighten her, but in connecting with the other Muslim members of the band, she learns more about herself and what she wants out of life. 

It’s a funny, optimistic, and utterly unique show you could gobble up in three blissful hours. The music is fun and the social commentary is unparalleled. Where else are you going to see Muslim women wearing hijabs while smoking weed and absolutely ripping on the drums?! — Kristina Grosspietsch, Freelance Contributor

How to watch: We Are Lady Parts is now streaming on Peacock.

2. The Bear

How long: 4 hours (8 episodes, 20-30 minutes each)

The trials and tribulations of broken families and hectic kitchens are the main ingredients in The Bear's flawless recipe. Hulu's original dramedy envelops you in the grimy underbelly of Chicago's food scene, where one struggling restaurant finds itself at a crossroads.

Famed chef Carmy Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) is forced to leave his Michelin-starred world and return to Chicago to take over his late brother's Italian sandwich shop, The Original Beef of Chicagoland. The hectic pace of a working kitchen is matched by the juggling Carmy's doing to cope with his brother's death, as well as his own mental health struggles — not to mention the wild dynamics Carmy has with sous chef Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) and manager Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who was also his brother's best friend. The Bear is a stressful yet sensational feat of storytelling, brimming with as much heart as it is with Italian spices. You'll be yelling "Yes, chef!" the next time you hit the kitchen.* — Yasmeen Hamadeh, Entertainment Intern

How to watch: The Bear is now streaming on Hulu.

3. The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in
Credit: Liane Hentscher / HBO

How long: 7.5 hours (9 episodes, about 50 minutes each)

Based on Naughty Dog's smash hit 2013 video game, The Last of Us plunges viewers into a world overtaken by a fungus that brainwashes people into essentially becoming mindless, flesh-munching zombies. In a post-apocalyptic landscape, creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin unfurl stories of heartbreak and hope, love and grief, all spawned from the horror-rich source material. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey star as hardened survivor Joel and his foul-mouthed teen cargo Ellie, who traverse a ruined America on a mission to potentially end the plague. That is, if they don't kill each other first. Spiked with gore, action, humor, and some of the most emotionally devastating moments of 2023 television, Season 1 of The Last of Us begs to be binged. But you may need some time to recover from all the tragic twists this one has in store. — Kristy Puchko, Film Editor

How to watch: The Last of Us is now streaming on HBO Max.

4. Severance

How long: 8 hours (9 episodes, about 50 minutes each)

Apple TV+'s excellent drama Severance is "an anti-capitalist fable with a Black Mirror twist." It imagines a world where workers can "sever" their work memories from their civilian memories, resulting in a bizarre, sterile office world that only exists when employees are physically in the office, and "regular" people who have no idea what they do in their hours at work. Led by Adam Scott in a tremendous performance, the Severance cast often plays double duty — portraying their work selves and their out-of-work selves as two entirely different characters.

The creeping mystery of what exactly their company does with their labor maintains suspense through the show's nine episodes, complete with twists no one can see coming and a cliffhanger ending that guarantees a thrilling second season.*Alexis Nedd, Senior Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Severance is now streaming on Apple TV+.

5. Over the Garden Wall

How long: 2 hours (10 episodes, about 10 minutes each)

Over the Garden Wall transports viewers to the mysterious Unknown, a forest that's home to many strange characters. Among the denizens of the Unknown are brothers Greg and Wirt, whose journey home sees them cross paths with a talking bluebird, a grieving woodsman, and the dangerous Beast. Strange, atmospheric, and brought to life with stunning 2D animation, Over the Garden Wall is a perfect show to binge — especially in the fall, or if you just want some Halloween vibes. — Belen Edwards, Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: Over the Garden Wall is now streaming on HBO Max.

6. Yellowjackets

The teen cast of
Credit: Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

How long: 10 hours (10 episodes, about 1 hour each)

With Season 2 kicking off, there's no better time to binge Season 1 of this wildly acclaimed drama. Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, Yellowjackets centers on a titular high school soccer team who was flying high in a private plane on their way to a national competition when disaster struck. In 1996, these teen girls were stranded in a remote and merciless wilderness, forced to do whatever it took to survive. But the big twists come when the show leaps to the present, where secretive survivors struggle to keep skeletons in their closets. Standard teen drama like jealousy, crushes, and pregnancy arise alongside possible paranormal occurrences and potential cannibalism. Be warned: Once you get a taste for this show, you won't be able to stop watching. — K.P.

How to watch: Yellowjackets is now streaming on Showtime.

7. Los Espookys

Three humans dressed as green aliens gathered around a woman in a doctor's chair with several wires attached to her chest.
Things are getting espooky. Credit: Jennifer Clasen / HBO

How long: 3 hours (6 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

Halloween may have come and gone, but there's no wrong season for enjoying this silly and surreal comedy about four friends staging fake exorcisms and hauntings for paying clients — when they aren't dealing with real mirror dimensions and water demons, that is. — Angie Han, Deputy Entertainment Editor

How to watch: Los Espookys is now streaming on HBO Max.

8. 1883

How long: 8 hours (10 episodes, about 50 minutes each)

Though technically a prequel, you don’t need to watch Paramount's massive hit Yellowstone to appreciate this sweeping Paramount+ original mini-series. 1883 was a massive undertaking, making headlines for its unprecedented budget ($10 million an episode!) and scale of production. Luckily, Paramount’s big investment has paid off. 1883 is a scenic, moody drama about the Dutton family’s journey west from Fort Worth to Oregon. Teenage Elisa Dutton (Isabel May) is our protagonist, narrating over the ruminative shots of the sun setting over endless plains, vibrating with hope for a trek the show warns us will only bring doom. Rattlesnakes, bandits, covered wagon accidents — 1883 depicts the brutal, stark reality of the real Oregon Trail.

Sam Elliott is perfectly cast as the hardened covered wagon boss — his mustache has never been more fitting — and LaMonica Garrett is magnetic in an exciting role that promises to undo decades of Black cowboy erasure. As Elisa’s parents, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s comfort on horseback and in Stetsons help them fit right in alongside the veteran cast. This is a modern, ruminative Western whose gorgeous landscape is just as important as its affecting human conflict.* — K.G

How to watch: 1883 is now streaming on Paramount+.

9. Schmigadoon!

How long: 3 hours (6 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

A show for musical lovers, by musical lovers, Season 1 of Schmigadoon! is a loving tribute to Golden Age musicals. Think Oklahoma!, The Music Man, and The Sound of Music. In a Brigadoon-esque plot, a couple (played by Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key) whose relationship is going through a rough patch stumbles upon a magical village where life is a musical. From there, it's a nonstop parade of joyful musical numbers, delivered by a cast of Broadway mainstays like Kristin Chenoweth, Aaron Tveit, Alan Cumming, and Ariana DeBose. Theaters kids, eat your heart out. Schmigadoon! is a treat. And Season 2 is promising to bring more fun, but with a darker edge. — B.E.

How to watch: Schmigadoon! is now streaming on Apple TV.

10. Rap Shit

How long: 4 hours (8 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

Issa Rae's newest comedy hit, Rap Sh!t, is leading the train in pure, unadulterated fun as we follow two aspiring Miami-based rappers and their rise to fame.

Our new faves Shawna Clark (Aida Osman) and Mia Knight (KaMillion) have fared quite differently since they were friends in high school, making their new business partnership all the more entertaining to follow. Shawna is a hotel receptionist with a love for "conscious rap," whereas Mia is trying to balance being a single mom with multiple jobs and just wanting to have some fun with it! The female camaraderie brings all the laughs, while the rap group's insanely catchy songs drive this show all the way home. Alexa, play "Seduce and Scheme" by Shawna & Mia — and put it on repeat!*Kyle McWilliams, Entertainment Intern

How to watch: Rap Sh!t is now streaming on HBO Max.

11. Heartstopper

Two boys in striped rugby shirts; one is reaching out toward the other's face.
Did your heart stop? Credit: Netflix

How long: 4 hours (8 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

Looking for an absolutely adorable binge? Then Heartstopper, the wildly popular series based on Alice Oseman's graphic novel, is the show for you. Follow along with the romance between Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor), two teenagers figuring out their feelings for each other. Because the show gives you so many sweet characters and relationships to root for, you'll have no trouble going through all the episodes at once. And don't worry once you're done: Heartstopper has already been renewed for Seasons 2 and 3! — B.E.

How to watch: Heartstopper is now streaming on Netflix.

12. Bodyguard

How long: 6 hours (6 episodes, about one hour each)

In the tense British drama Bodyguard, a former Army veteran with PTSD takes on the role of principal protection officer for the UK's Home Secretary.

If you think actor Richard Madden looks familiar in this show, it's probably because you last saw him getting pasted into oblivion at everyone's least favourite Game of Thrones wedding. Poor old Madden doesn't have a much easier time of it in Bodyguard — although we'd be lying if we said his struggles don't make for some addictive viewing. Jed Mercurio's pacey series is everything you'd expect from a police thriller, with twists, tension, and explosions aplenty. But what makes it even better is how well-drawn the characters are.*Sam Haysom, Deputy UK Editor

How to watch: Bodyguard is now streaming on Netflix.

13. The Dropout

How long: 6 hours (8 episodes, about 45 minutes each)

By now you’ve certainly heard about Elizabeth Holmes, disgraced, turtleneck-wearing founder of the scam medtech company Theranos who was convicted of fraud in 2022. And just two months after her guilty verdict landed, a strange and excellent miniseries chronicling her rise and fall dropped on Hulu. Whoever scheduled The Dropout’s premiere date deserves a raise. 

Amanda Seyfried earned an Emmy for her deep-voiced, disquieting, and magnetic portrayal of Holmes. This mini-series is a wild ride that keeps your jaw firmly dropped to the ground the whole way through — but we can’t stress this enough, this is all based on a true (and truly bonkers) story. — K.G.

How to watch: The Dropout is now streaming on Hulu.

14. Lockwood & Co.

How long: 6 hours (8 episodes, about 45 minutes each)

Based on the popular YA fantasy novels of the same name by Jonathan Stroud, Lockwood & Co is a moody, supernatural teen mysteries series. In an alternate history, dangerous ghosts started appearing sometime in the '80s, and only children can see them. That means in this dark and dangerous world, the best (and only) ghost hunters are teenagers. Enter Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood, and George Karim — three misfits struggling with past traumas who start their own ghost hunting agency and end up stumbling into a few conspiracies along the way. This is a spooky, atmospheric, and addicting show that will keep you guessing — and also leaving the lights on at night! — K.G.

How to watch: Lockwood & Co. is now streaming on Netflix.

15. Wednesday

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) stands among her classmates.
Credit: Netflix

How long: 7 hours (8 episodes, about 50 minutes each)

One part mystery, one part supernatural show, and one part teen drama, Wednesday was an undeniable 2022 breakout hit. The internet was abuzz with star Jenna Ortega’s take on the classic Addams family character, and it’s no wonder — Wednesday is a delight!

After getting kicked out of yet another high school, Wednesday is sent by her parents (Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones, both having a ball as Gomez and Morticia Addams) to their old alma mater, Nevermore Academy. There, Wednesday meets werewolves, gorgons, and impossibly broody teens — and finds herself at the center of a complex murder mystery that threatens to engulf the school in scandal. It’s soapy, supernatural teen fun peppered with fantastic characters and plot twists to spare. — K.G.

How to Watch: Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

16. The Empress

How long: 6 hours (6 episodes, about one hour each)

The year is 1853, and Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria needs a wife! The headstrong Elisabeth “Sisi” of Bavaria accompanies her demure sister Helene to meet Franz, as Helene has been groomed to wed the young monarch. Much to everyone’s surprise, Franz is completely taken with Sisi’s rebellious, self-assured, and unpredictable nature — but will the traditional empire fall for her as well?

The Empress is a sumptuous German period drama, full of ornate costumes, courtly maneuvering, and longing glances from opposite sides of a perfectly manicured garden. Don’t let the subtitles hold you back: This addicting, swoonworthy love story was the seventh most popular non-English series of 2022. — K.G.

How to watch: The Empress is now streaming on Netflix.

17. The Summer I Turned Pretty

How long: 5 hours (7 episodes, about 45 minutes each)

For a fluffy, mindlessly pleasant binge, Amazon Prime’s The Summer I Turned Pretty checks all the boxes. Isabel Conklin and her brother have been accompanying her mom, her mom’s best friend Susannah (Rachel Blanchard), and Susannah’s two sons to their beach house every summer for as long as she can remember. For years, Isabel was a tagalong, an awkward preteen – until this summer, the one in which she turns 16. We’ve got brooding teens, secret family drama, a debutante ball, and plot points hinging on wearing the right crop top. A breezy, scenic teen romance, The Summer I Turned Pretty comes to us from young adult romcom queen Jenny Han (writer of To All the Boys I Loved Before), so you know you’re going to love it. — K.G.

How to watch: The Summer I Turned Pretty is now streaming on Prime Video.

18. When They See Us

How long: 5 hours (4 episodes, 70-90 minutes each)

The most culturally significant project Netflix released in 2019, Ava DuVernay's When They See Us revisits the case of the Central Park Five in excruciating detail. Examining the wrongful convictions of five Black and Latino men — Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise — for rape in 1989 (for which they would be exonerated over a decade later) this poignant true-crime miniseries offers a heart-wrenching look at the ongoing flaws in our justice system. A powerful watch, When They See Us highlights the insidious biases that plague our society and the vulnerable people put at risk.*Alison Foreman, Entertainment Reporter

How to watch: When They See Us is now streaming on Netflix.

19. Only Murders in the Building

A young woman and two older men in warm coats stand in a courtyard; one man has a dog in a stroller.
The trio of your TV dreams. Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

How long: 10 hours (20 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

Boasting an excellent cast and an engaging murder mystery, Only Murders in the Building is a must-watch. A death in a New York condo building leads three residents, who are also true crime fans, to make their own podcast to get to the bottom of the mystery. Exciting twists and turns ensue. The show's central trio of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez bursts with comedic chemistry, elevating one of 2021's best, most compulsively watchable TV shows to new heights. And Season 2 brings new thrills, including Shirley MacLaine, Amy Schumer, and Cara Delevingne joining the ensemble. — B.E.

How to watch: Only Murders in the Building is now streaming on Hulu.

20. Our Flag Means Death

How long: 5 hours (10 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

Our Flag Means Death is a bait-and-switch masterpiece that lures the audience in with the hilarity of creator David Jenkins and team's anachronistic writing set against the Golden Age of Piracy and traps 'em with the reveal that OFMD is a gay romantic comedy. Our Flag Means Death treats the near-ubiquitous queer romances of its cast with humor, respect, and often stunning tenderness, culminating in one of TV's most satisfying slow burn relationships.*A.N.

How to watch: Our Flag Means Death is now streaming on HBO Max.

21. The Afterparty

A group of well-dressed adults in a dance circle in a high school gym.
How great is this party? Credit: Apple TV+

How long: 5 hours (8 episodes, about 30-40 minutes each)

Many people have attempted modern twists on the classic detective whodunnit. Apple TV+'s The After Party is a series that got the genre absolutely right. Its all-star cast delivers nuanced and hilarious performances that slowly build up the mystery of who murdered a pop star after their high school reunion, all of which culminate in one of the most satisfying mystery finales in a long time. All that in just eight episodes? Don't waste your one (or two) shot(s) to hop on this bandwagon. — A.N.

How to watch: The After Party is now streaming on Apple TV+.

22. Party Down

How long: 10 hours (20 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

With a new reboot/season now streaming on Starz, it’s the perfect time to watch this superb 10-year-old sitcom. Party Down follows a misfit group of Hollywood dreamers trying to achieve their goals while still making enough cash to get by. Adam Scott found his breakout role with Henry, a formerly successful commercial actor now languishing as a Los Angeles cater-waiter. His boss, an iconic Ken Marino, is a dunce, and his coworkers (Jane Lynch, Megan Mullally, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen) are all desperate and delusional. 

It’s a hilarious show that plumbs many of its laughs from the relentless disappointment of Hollywood — yet it never feels depressing. The cast is superb, the scripts are smart, and the humor is earned. If you somehow missed this excellent comedy, take this as your sign to start binging ASAP! — K.G.

How to watch: Party Down is now streaming on Hulu and Starz.

23. Arcane

Close up on a young woman with blue hair and an angry expression.
Jinx is here, and she's MAD. Credit: Netflix

How long: 6 hours (9 episodes, about 40 minutes each)

Whether you're a big fan of League of Legends or have no idea who Jinx, Vi, and Jayce are, you're guaranteed to smash through Arcane. The show's gorgeous animation is the perfect vehicle for an excellent story about magic, betrayal, and family ties. Trust us: As soon as you enter the cities of Piltover and Zaun, you won't want to leave until you've finished all nine episodes. — B.E.

How to watch: Arcane is now streaming on Netflix.

24. Watchmen 

How long: 9 hours (9 episodes, about one hour each)

In this 2019 superhero show, Damon Lindelof boldly re-imagines the iconic comic book series from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Taking place decades after the events in the comics, this Watchmen centers on Sister Night (Regina King), a Tulsa Police detective who wears a nun-like costume to fight crime. In this striking guise, she combats the rising power of a white supremacist group known as the Seventh Kavalry. Thankfully, she won’t have to do it alone, as she’s got some super friends of her own. Tim Blake Nelson, Jean Smart, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jeremy Irons, and Hong Chau co-star, playing characters complex, outrageous, and absolutely riveting. Weaving mature themes with graphic violence and daring sociopolitical commentary, this audacious adaptation won critical acclaim, a vociferous fan following, and a whopping 11 Emmy Awards, including one for King.* K.P.

How to watch: Watchmen is now streaming on HBO Max.

25. Russian Doll

How long: 7.5 hours (15 episodes, about 30 minutes each)

Russian Doll gets as close to a perfect Netflix binge-watch as possible.

Two seasons with 30-minute episodes, Russian Doll is a quick watch. It’s bold, covering themes of mortality, trauma, and human connection against the backdrop of New York’s East Village. And it’s flat-out hilarious to boot. Natasha Lyonne, who co-created, stars as Nadia, a woman who becomes trapped in a time loop after dying on her 36th birthday. Nadia’s Groundhog Day–esque adventure becomes increasingly complex as the series progresses and she races against the loop to discover why she can’t stop dying — and what her loop has to do with Alan, an alleged stranger who’s experiencing the exact same cycle. Season 2 loops in more time travel and trauma, because we just can't get enough.* A.N. 

How to watch: Russian Doll is now streaming on Netflix.

26. Station Eleven

Himesh Patel as Jeevan Chaudhary in
Credit: Ian Watson / HBO Max

How long: 9 hours (10 episodes, 45 - 60 minutes each)

Whether or not you have read Emily St. John Mandel's celebrated novel of the same name, this lavish adaptation proved must-see TV. (Well, not TV — must-see HBO!) Station Eleven creator/showrunner Patrick Somerville thoughtfully reimagined the setting and some stirring specifics of Mandel's dystopian drama, making for a story familiar yet surprising. In a world ravaged by plague, a scrappy theater troupe — called the Traveling Symphony — tours settlements to bring the pleasures of Shakespeare to the survivors. But how did humankind come to this place of ruin and revival? Weaving past and present in a ragged but riveting tapestry, this mini-series gave an almost alarmingly optimistic look at the apocalypse. Grounding the sensational storytelling is a critically heralded cast that includes Mackenzie Davis, Matilda Lawler, Himesh Patel, Gael García Bernal, and Danielle Deadwyler.*K.P.

How to watch: Station Eleven is now streaming on HBO Max.

27. Lupin

How long: 8 hours (10 episodes, about 50 minutes each)

César-award-winning actor Omar Sy is absolutely magnetic in this fun and unpredictable French mystery series. Assane Diop is the son of a Senegalese immigrant who was convicted of stealing his Parisian employer’s diamond necklace. All Assane has left of his dad is a shared love of Arsène Lupin, a classic French literary character who is both a gentleman and a thief. As an adult, Assane follows in Arsène Lupin’s fictional footsteps and becomes master thief, determined to use his skills to prove his father was innocent all those years ago.

No matter what language you speak, Lupin is a 10-out-of-10 show. It’s an energetic, poignant, gripping, and joyful watch, all wrapped into one. — K.G.

How to Watch: Lupin is now streaming on Netflix.

28. From Scratch

How long: 8 hours (8 episodes, about 55 minutes each)

Zoe Saldaña has spent much of the last few years in green makeup (for Guardians of the Galaxy) or in a motion capture suit (for Avatar). But in this beautiful, heart-wrenching adaptation of Tembi Locke’s memoir, Zoe Saldaña is just a human in love — and it is captivating. 

As Amy, Saldaña travels to Florence to study art against her father’s advice. There she meets Lino, Eugenio Mastrandrea in an electric and swoon-worthy performance as a passionate Sicilian chef who is all in on Amy with his first glance. After a few false starts, a profoundly moving romance ensues, and we watch the pair’s love grow and evolve as life throws challenges their way. From Scratch is enthralling in its intensity, boasts a stellar cast (Danielle Deadwyler, Keith David, Giacomo Gianniotti, and more), and luxuriates in its gorgeous shots of food. You will fall in love with this couple and simply will not be able to stop watching or move on with your life until you find out how their story ends. — K.G.

How to watch: From Scratch is now streaming on Netflix.

29. Stath Lets Flats

How long: 7 hours (18 episodes, about 23 minutes each)

BAFTA favorite Stath Lets Flats hasn't quite caught on in the U.S. yet, but that's all the more reason to scope it out. Jamie Demetriou (the Bus Rodent from Fleabag) plays a horribly incompetent but strangely endearing lettings agent in London, surrounded by a similarly off-kilter collection of coworkers. — A.H.

How to watch: Stath Lets Flats is now streaming on HBO Max.

30. Squid Game

A group of people in green tracksuits in a room with blue clouds painted on the walls.
Is it too late to quit the Squid Game? Credit: Noh Juhan / Netflix

How long: 9 hours (9 episodes, about 60 minutes each)

Thanks to a nail-biting premise and life-or-death stakes, it's almost impossible not to binge the record-breaking phenomenon Squid Game in one or two sittings.

The 456 participants in the titular Squid Game are all in financial trouble and have agreed to play children's games in exchange for money. The catch? If they lose, they die. Squid Game leans fully into the brutality of its premise, contrasting pastel playground aesthetics with tragedy and gore. However, the show also makes time for plenty of substance by fleshing out the relationships between its leads and interrogating the royally messed-up circumstances that led to each player ending up in this position.*B.E.

How to watch: Squid Game is now streaming on Netflix.

31. Alias Grace

How long: 4 hours (5 episodes, about 45 minutes each)

Based on celebrated author Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, Alias Grace is an engrossing psychological mystery. A fictionalized telling of a real-life 1843 murder, the mini-series investigates the sanity and guilt of convicted murderess Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon), who has been imprisoned for 15 years but has no memory of the incident. Psychiatrist Dr. Simon evaluates Grace and becomes more connected to (and confused by) his subject the more he learns about her past. 

Written by Sarah Polley (Women Talking) and directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho), this 2017 adaptation honors its source material with aplomb. The cast, which includes Anna Paquin, sparkles, and the tension is palpable. An addicting and eviscerating watch that you won’t be able to stop thinking about!*K.G.

How to watch: Alias Grace is now streaming on Netflix.

32. Astronomy Club

A group of eight people gather together, arms up in surprise.
An astronomically good time. Credit: Lara Solanki / Netflix

How long: 2 hours (6 episodes, about 20 minutes each)

If you're in the market for something light-hearted and low-commitment, you can't do much better than this one-season sketch show. With a tight-knit cast of eight Black comics who honed their craft together at UCB, Astronomy Club gets funnier the zanier and more specific they get. — A.H.

How to watch: Astronomy Club is now streaming on Netflix.

33. Starstruck

How long: 4.5 hours (12 episodes, about 20-25 minutes each)

Written and created by powerhouse New Zealand comedian Rose Matafeo, Starstruck is a fresh new take on the classic question: “What if an A-list actor fell for a regular person?” 

Matafeo is almost criminally charming as Jessie, a listless New Zealander living in London without much direction in her life. After a fun New Years’ Eve hookup, she realizes she just slept with one of the biggest action stars in the world, Nikesh Patel as Tom Kapoor. It’s a delightful romantic comedy series with big laughs and a lot of heart. The cast here is oozing charm, and Matafeo’s skillful writing never misses a beat. — K.G.

How to watch: Starstruck is now streaming on HBO Max.

34. Shrinking

How long: 5 hours (10 episodes, 30 minutes each)

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence teams up with Ted Lasso's Bret Goldstein and How I Met Your Mother's Jason Segel for a show about breaking down and breaking through.

Segel stars as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, who is struggling in the wake of his wife's death. Despite this grief-stricken setup, Shrinking is a defiantly joyful comedy that finds humor in coping as this harried hero breaks rules to push him and his clients out of their comfort zones to new emotional terrain. With 30-minute episodes, it's an easy binge. And the cast is absolutely outstanding, featuring Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie, Michael Uri, Christa Miller, and Lukita Maxwell. — K.P.

How to watch: Shrinking is now streaming on Apple TV+.

35. Literally any of the Disney+ Marvel shows

Oscar Isaac in
Credit: Marvel Studios 2022

How long: 5 hours (6-10 episodes per show, 30-60 minutes each)

Whether you're an MCU fanatic or a Marvel noob, the Disney+ TV shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe all do a great job of re-immersing the audience into its world of superheroes and cosmic villains. Each show has a totally different vibe — WandaVision is a riff on decades of classic sitcoms; The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a thrilling spy series; Loki is a time-traveling drama; What If…? is an animated multiversal anthology; Hawkeye is a holiday buddy comedy; Moon Knight is a psychedelic thriller; and Ms. Marvel is a comic and comedic coming-of-age comedy. Just pick one. You'll probably like it, and if not, well, you didn't really waste that much of your time. — A.N.

How to watch: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If…?, Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel are all streaming now on Disney+.

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