25 Best Ideas For How To Make Money As A 14-Year-Old

Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of making money as a 14-year-old.

From offering services in your neighborhood to leveraging your unique talents to make money online, plenty of opportunities are waiting for you to explore.

So let’s unleash your inner business mogul!

Whether you’re eager to save up for the latest gadgets, fund your passion project, or simply gain some financial independence, we’ve got you covered.

We have a range of awesome opportunities and tips for how to make money as a 14-year-old to kickstart your money-making journey on the right foot.

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Quick Picks

How To Make Money As A 14-Year-Old

Let’s take a look at a list of our favorites for how to make money as a 14-year-old part-time and online jobs you can handle around school:

1. Online Surveys

Paid online surveys are an effortless way to use your phone to make money.

By signing up for reputable survey websites, teens can start completing surveys and earning rewards or cash.

Surveys are perfect for teens because they can be done at their own pace and in their free time. It takes a few minutes at a time to earn a few bucks- super easy.

With Survey Junkie, anyone 13 years old and up can earn points and redeem them for gift cards or cash deposits to your PayPal account.

And as you get older, you can join more of the best survey sites, including:

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2. Watch Videos

We know how much teens love spending time watching videos online. But what if we told you that teens could actually earn while enjoying their favorite content?

Yes, you heard it right!

With platforms like KashKick, teens can turn their screen time into money-making moments. It’s a win-win situation: watch entertaining videos while earning rewards!

KashKick offers a unique opportunity for teens to earn cash or gift cards by watching videos, completing online tasks, and even taking quizzes.


Cash is the Greatest Reward! They’ll deposit cash into your account for all the fun things you’re already doing online.

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3. Play Video Games

phone game

Playing video games can be more than just a hobby; it can be a way to make more money for teens.

They can create their own gaming channel on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, where they can live stream their gameplay, provide commentary, and interact with viewers.

Also, they can participate in gaming tournaments and competitions that offer cash prizes or scholarships.

And don’t forget about apps like Swagbucks, where teens can earn easy money playing games on their phones.

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4. Blogging

Starting a blog is relatively simple and can be about anything you want and grow as you grow and become a long-lasting passive income.

Teens can choose a niche they’re passionate about, whether it’s fashion, gaming, travel, or any other area of interest, and start creating engaging and informative content.

Money comes from advertising, sponsored content, or affiliate marketing

And there are free resources to get you started- including our FREE Blog Boot Camp. It provides valuable insights and guidance to kickstart your blogging journey.

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5. Proofreading

Attention to detail and strong language skills are qualities that can turn into a lucrative opportunity for a 14-year-old teen.

If you have a knack for grammar, spelling, and editing, becoming a proofreader is a smart choice for fast cash.

Whether editing blog posts, student essays, or business documents, teens can provide valuable feedback, correct errors, and enhance content quality.

Proofread Anywhere offers a free proofreading workshop to learn more about starting a proofreading business and landing clients.

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6. Online Sales

Selling Apps Top view of women write a notebook from home on wooden floor with postal parcel, Selling online ideas concept

With Shopify, people can create an online store personalized to their style and passion and sell products they like or make themselves.

The possibilities are endless, whether you love crafting handmade jewelry, designing funky artwork, or discovering cool vintage items!

There are many options for things to make and sell, and you’re not limited to options just because you’re young.

Starting a shop can be hard, but Shopify makes it easy. The key is to curate products that will captivate their target audience.

7. Freelance Writing

Making money online has become more accessible than ever before. And guess what? Freelance writing might just be the perfect gig for teens!

Whether they have a knack for storytelling, a passion for sharing their opinions, or a talent for crafting informative articles, freelance writing can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Not only will they be able to earn from the comfort of their own home, but they can do it on their own time for years to come.

We have a free printable from our Freelance Write From Home course that may interest you to help you get pointers to start your writing side gig!

8. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for your teen to work remotely and earn cash with their own business!

Teens can provide administrative, creative, or technical support to clients, all from the comfort of home, to earn money online today.

Virtual assistants do various tasks such as managing emails, creating engaging social media content, assisting with research, or providing customer support.

You can set virtual assistant hours around your classes, plus do it during the summer to make more money than other summer gigs!

9. YouTube Channel

Woman YouTuber Vlogging About Cosmetics

Teens can turn their passion for videos into a way to make money online with their own YouTube channel.

By creating and uploading engaging content, they can attract viewers and build a community around their channel with their interests and passions.

Even younger kids have gotten on YouTube with help from their parents for fun unboxing videos or toy reviews. So why can’t teens get online to cash in too?

From there, they can earn from their YouTube videos through ad revenue, brand collaborations, sponsored videos, and merchandise sales.

Not sure how to get started on YouTube? Mastering YouTube can help you launch your channel and earn thousands per month!

10. Online Tutoring

Starting an online tutoring business has become a popular and convenient way for young people to share their knowledge and earn money online.

Whether you excel in math, science, language arts, or any other subject, you can leverage your skills to help other students succeed academically.

With virtual platforms and video calls, teens can easily create lesson plans, share resources, and provide one-on-one assistance to their students.

Online tutoring also allows them to manage their own schedule, making it a great side job that doesn’t interfere with their schoolwork.

11. Dropshipping Products

If you’ve been searching for a way to make money online and own a business, dropshipping might be the perfect path for them.

Starting a dropshipping business, you can start making money right from your laptop without the need to handle inventory or shipping hassles.

When a customer orders, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer. Teens earn a profit by selling the product at a higher price than what they pay the supplier.

The beauty of dropshipping is that teens can choose the products they want to sell. It could be trendy fashion items, cool gadgets, or even niche products.

Dropship Lifestyle has a free dropshipping workshop that can help you get started and start a shop online today.

12. Sell Crafts & Homemade Stuff

woman painting crafts to make and sell

Teens can turn their creative hobbies into a money-making venture.

Selling their crafts and homemade stuff online is a fun way to express your creativity and a fantastic opportunity to make money as a 14-year-old.

Whether they’re into painting, jewelry making, knitting, or any other crafty pursuit, there’s a market for their unique creations.

Maybe it’s funky t-shirts with their designs, cute accessories, or even custom-made items. Etsy is a marketplace where millions can view and buy your works of art ASAP.

We even have a whole article dedicated to Etsy shop ideas to give you a place to start!

13. Flea Market Flipping

Flea market flipping might be the perfect way for a teen to make extra money.

It’s all about finding undervalued items at flea markets or garage sales and reselling them at a higher price for a profit.

Imagine strolling through rows of unique finds, hunting for those special items that can potentially turn a profit.

It could be vintage clothing, retro furniture, collectibles, or electronics. With some research and a keen eye, you can uncover hidden gems others might overlook.

Once your teen has found their treasures, it’s time to get selling. They can create their own online store or sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace to find millions of potential buyers.

Flea Market Flippers offers a free flipping workshop to show you how to get started as a flea market flipper!

14. Review Products Online

Did you know teens can make money online by reviewing products and sharing honest opinions?

It’s an awesome way for them to earn extra cash while honing their communication skills and having fun.

Companies are always on the lookout for honest feedback on their products, and they’re willing to pay for it.

You can see about doing Amazon product reviews and much more, which sometimes pays in cash or gives you a bunch of free items you get to keep!

Whether it’s beauty products, tech gadgets, or even books, their thoughts can influence purchasing decisions and help others make informed choices.

15. Data Entry Work


Data entry work is a fantastic opportunity for teens to earn some extra money while developing valuable skills that can benefit them in school and future jobs.

Data entry tasks involve organizing and inputting information into spreadsheets, managing documents, or transcribing audio files.

Many businesses and individuals need assistance with these tasks, making data entry a valuable service teens can provide.

You can offer data entry services on social media or online, highlighting their attention to detail, accuracy, and ability to work efficiently.

16. Website Testing Jobs

Website testing jobs are a cool way to make money with a new online job while teens use their tech-savvy skills and provide valuable feedback to improve websites.

Companies constantly seek feedback to ensure their websites are user-friendly and meet customer expectations.

Website testing involves evaluating websites for usability, functionality, and overall user experience.

They’ll receive online jobs to visit websites, perform specific tasks, and provide feedback on their experiences.

It’s an opportunity for them to explore different websites, share their thoughts, and contribute to improving online platforms.

17. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer marketing has opened up opportunities for teens to showcase their talents, connect with others, and start making money online.

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok offer a stage for you to shine.

Whether teens have a knack for beauty, fashion, comedy, or any other passion, they can create content that resonates with their target audience and build a loyal following.

As you grow your social media presence, you can collaborate with brands, share sponsored content, and create your own merchandise.

It doesn’t happen instantaneously, so be sure to post consistently, engage with your followers, and provide quality content every step of the way.

18. Graphic Design

artist drawing on tablet graphic design work

Graphic design plays a crucial role in visual communication and business marketing. They can be the reason people run to the store to buy products!

From designing logos and branding materials to creating eye-catching social media graphics, the demand for talented designers is constantly growing.

Teens can tap into this market and make extra money by offering graphic design services to individuals, small businesses, or online platforms.

Sharpen your design skills, experiment with software like Canva Pro and online, and build a strong portfolio of examples to show off your work.

Teens can also showcase their work on social media, create a website to display their designs or join creative communities to gain exposure.

19. Dog Walking

Dog walking is more than just a job—it’s a chance for you to spend quality time with adorable pups and have cute, furry coworkers every day!

By offering their services to pet owners in the neighborhood, they can help ensure that furry companions get the exercise and attention they need.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore the local area, discover new walking trails, and bond with furry companions.

Once you’re older, you can join sites like Rover and get connected with more pet owners, and grow your business to a full-time income!

20. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a great way to combine your passion for animals with a flexible and rewarding part-time job to make extra money.

It involves taking care of pets when their owners are away, whether for a short trip or a long vacation.

They’ll be responsible for feeding, walking, playing, and providing plenty of cuddles and attention to the furry clients.

Teens can offer services to friends, family or advertise their services in the local community.

21. Restaurant Work

young woman ordering at a restaurant doing mystery shopper job

Working in a restaurant environment gives teens a taste of the real world while working a part-time job.

From taking orders to serving customers, they’ll learn about customer service, time management, and problem-solving.

Plus, they’ll have the chance to interact with diverse people and build their communication skills.

Many establishments are open to hiring young individuals eager to learn and work hard, and you can earn minimum wage legally!

22. Do Yard Work

Mowing lawns, trimming hedges, raking leaves, and general garden maintenance are great odd jobs for teens.

Teens can offer their services to neighbors and friends or post flyers around the neighborhood to attract potential clients.

Not only does yard work provide an opportunity for you to earn money, but you also learn valuable skills for future job opportunities.

Being outdoors and physically active offers a refreshing break from screens and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

23. Checkout Worker

Working as a checkout worker allows you to learn the ins and outs of customer service, cash handling, and teamwork while earning your own money at a local grocery store.

They’ll be responsible for scanning items, processing payments, and providing friendly customer assistance.

Being part of a dynamic retail environment will teach them the importance of efficiency, multitasking, and problem-solving.

Seek part-time positions at local businesses that hire teenagers. Many grocery stores are open to hiring young individuals eager to learn and contribute to the team.

24. Retail Worker

Cashier smiling while helping customers

Working in retail gives your teen experience with customer service, merchandising, and inventory management.

They’ll have the chance to interact with customers, assist with product displays, and contribute to creating a positive shopping experience.

Being part of a team-oriented environment will help them develop teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.

There are mall kiosks plus plenty of retail stores that have the flexibility to hire teenagers; there are even jobs for 13-year-olds in some areas.

Depending on their interests, they can gain experience in various departments, such as fashion, electronics, or home goods, and earn more money as a teenager.

25. Neighborhood Odd Jobs

From pulling weeds, babysitting kids, moving furniture, and much more, odd jobs allow teens to make extra cash while providing valuable services to their community.

You can offer dozens of services that fit whatever skills you have or skills you want to develop.

If you’re good with tech, offer to clean computers, fix phone issues, and whatever else- you can even learn more skills on YouTube to expand your offerings.

You could also do handy work like putting furniture together, helping cook and meal prep for families, and so much more.

Start by spreading the word about their services among friends, family, and neighbors.

You can create flyers, post on community bulletin boards, or even use social media to reach a wider audience.


Is it possible to make money online as a teen?

Absolutely! Making money with online jobs as a teenager is possible and increasingly popular.

The digital world offers various online jobs for teens to earn more from the comfort of their own homes.

Here are a few online jobs teens can use to make money:

  • Online Surveys and Micro Tasks: Many websites and apps offer paid surveys and micro-tasks that young people can complete to earn money. These tasks include completing online surveys, testing apps or websites, or participating in online research. Survey Junkie is my favorite site for this!
  • Freelancing and Gig Work: If you have skills like graphic design, writing, programming, or social media management, you can offer your services as a freelancer. Online job platforms like Steady connect freelancers with clients seeking specific skills. You can complete projects remotely and get paid for your work around your school schedule.
  • Content Creation: If you enjoy creating content, consider starting social media channels like YouTube or Twitch. You can monetize your content and earn money based on your viewership or readership through advertising, sponsorships, and collaborations. Building an audience and producing quality content are keys to success with this online job.
  • Online Selling: Platforms like Shopify, Etsy, eBay, or even social media platforms provide opportunities to sell handmade crafts, vintage items, or unique products. You can create an online store and reach a wide customer base, earning money from your sales.
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What are some child labor laws I should know about?

Whether you’re a teen looking to start a job before 16 or a parent concerned about your teen starting work, you should familiarize yourself with child labor laws.

You should always be sure that well-being and compliance with legal requirements come first and that nothing is sketchy!

It can be tempting to do under-the-table jobs but ensure teens are safe and you’re taken care of legally.

These laws protect young individuals’ rights, safety, and education- they aren’t meant to keep you from making money.

here are some general guidelines we’ve seen:

  • Age Restrictions: The laws typically set age limits for certain types of work. These laws vary by jurisdiction, but they generally specify the minimum age at which teens can engage in different types of employment. Company pages will tell you what age you have to be to apply for jobs.
  • Working Hours: There are also regulations for the number of hours and the times of day teenagers can work. These restrictions prevent excessive work hours that could interfere with education.
  • Hazardous Work: There are usually restrictions on hazardous occupations and activities that can be dangerous for young workers. These restrictions help ensure teen safety and protect them from potentially harmful working conditions.
  • Your Own Business: Teens can start businesses regardless of age, but they may need help getting business licenses and permits just like any adult would if they started a business.

It’s essential to find out the laws specific to your region or country to understand the exact regulations and any permits or paperwork that may be required. 

Make sure you take the time to look things up and put your phone to good use by researching things in your town so you can start off on the right foot.

Can teenagers make money without a job?

Yes, teenagers can make money without having a traditional job!

While they may not be eligible for certain types of formal employment due to age restrictions or other factors, they can explore alternative avenues. 

Here are some creative ways for teenagers to make money without a conventional job:

  • Babysitting and Pet Sitters: Many parents and pet owners need responsible and trustworthy individuals to care for their children or pets. Teens can offer their services as babysitters or pet sitters, providing a valuable service while earning money.
  • Yard Work: Teens can use their physical abilities by offering lawn mowing, gardening, house cleaning, or snow shoveling in their neighborhood. They can also consider jobs like running errands or helping with household tasks.
  • Selling Handmade Crafts or Products: If you’re artistically inclined, you can create and sell handmade crafts or products online. Starting an Etsy store allows you to showcase and sell your unique creations to a broader audience.

Can I make money a lot of money even as a 14-year-old?

Side Hustles For Teens Nice beautiful teenage girl with her pet dog walking in the park on sunny day

Making a lot of money as a 14-year-old is possible, but setting realistic expectations is important.

While there are limitations due to age restrictions and the types of jobs available, there are still opportunities for you to earn a decent income. 

Completing surveys online, playing video games, and micro-tasks can be a quick way to make money with your phone and get paid in your free time.

I love Survey Junkie and how easily I can make money while waiting for dinner to cook, in the checkout line at the store, and more.

But I also want to remind you that quick money-makers may not pay as much as starting a business or even becoming a freelancer.

You can earn $15+ an hour with yard work, proofreading, babysitting, and more. And if you can even work 10 hours a week, that’s $150 you didn’t have before!

And if you consistently make $150 a week, you could be earning $600 a month with your own business ideas!

What is passive income?

Passive income refers to any money you can earn without actively working for it daily.

It’s a way to generate income by setting up systems or investments that work for you even when you’re not actively involved.

Passive income is great to start, though some ideas may take some start-up time and effort, ideas usually pay out in the end.

Here are some passive income ideas that you can start as a teen:

  • Investments: You can invest money in stocks, real estate properties, or bonds. You or your parents can create accounts and put money into different investments, and the money you put into investments is meant to grow without you working hours and doing much.
  • Online Businesses: The Internet offers passive income opportunities through online businesses. This could involve creating and selling digital products, like eBooks or printables, which you take the time to write or design, then sell as much as you can to keep earning income.
  • Stock Photos: Since so many teens are into their phones, it’s smart to use your phone to make more money! You can take photos of scenery, animals, and more, then sell them through stock photo sites and get paid per download of your photos.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Teens can become affiliates for products or services they love and earn a commission for every sale made through their unique referral links. Sharing their recommendations through social media, blogs, or YouTube videos can generate passive income while helping others discover great products or services.

It’s important to note that while passive income can be a great way to earn money, it often requires initial effort and time to set up. It’s not a way to get rich quickly but to build income streams that continue to generate money over time.

Our Thoughts

how to make money as a teen

Congratulations, young money-makers! You’ve now discovered a treasure trove of possibilities of ways how to make money as a 14-year-old.

By exploring services within your community and harnessing your unique skills, you’re on your way to financial independence and personal growth with traditional and online jobs.

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t earn money as soon as possible and get a nest egg saved up for fun things and important stuff in the future.

Remember, jobs for teens aren’t just about earning cash but also about developing essential life skills, building relationships, and learning the value of hard work and responsibility.

As a young entrepreneur myself, I made money reselling stuff on eBay, mowing yards, tutoring, and so many odd jobs.

I know for a fact you have skills that can earn you money and learn amazing skills for the future that will help you get a headstart in life.

So get out there, and start making that moolah!

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