15 Fun Versions of the Alphabet Song for Kids

Learning to sing the alphabet song is an important preliminary step of the process of learning about the letters of the alphabet as part of learning to read and write. While I am pretty sure we all know the traditional version of the alphabet or ABC song for kids but these different and super fun versions of the alphabet song for kids are super cool and fabulous for bringing the alphabet to life for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary/primary aged children.

15 super cool versions of the alphabet song for kids

15 Fun Versions of the Alphabet Song for Kids

Each of the following fifteen alphabet songs is shared as a video from YouTube for your convenience.

Fun Versions of the Classic ABC Song

1. The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs: An upbeat, groovy version of the classic ABC song.

2. The Alphabet Song by Super Simple Songs: The most traditional version of the alphabet song in this collection, this video features great animation with plastic letters that is perfect for encouraging kids to follow along with each letter as they sing.

3. The Alphabet Is So Much Fun by Super Simple Songs: A fun, jazz take on a more traditional version of the alphabet song.

4. Bounce Patrol’s Alphabet Song: Another familiar version of the alphabet song, this peppy singalong invites children in your class to sing together first and then in different combinations – just the boys and just the girls, as well as using their quiet voices…and then the extra loud ones too!

5. Sesame Street’s Outer Space ABCs: A more classic song version from Sesame Street with a cool, space themed animation.

6. Emma Memma’s ABC (Auslan): Emma Memma (formally the yellow Wiggle) sings the traditional alphabet song accompanied by the hand movements for Auslan sign language.

7. ABC Song by Debbie Doo: Debbie sings a catchy jazz version of the classic alphabet song for kids.

8. Elmo Sings a Rap Alphabet Song: We all know how beloved Sesame Street is with young children and they have several fabulous alphabet songs including this cool version with Elmo rapping the ABCs.

9. ABC Disco with Grover: Now this is classic Sesame Street. In fact, I am pretty sure I first saw it in the 70s when I was a child! You just can’t groove past disco and an alphabet disco song – well, that is just too much!

10. The ABC Song by StoryBots: A fun robot animation with very cool robotic singing voices.

Alphabet Songs for Kids Beyond the Classic ABCs

11. The Alphabet Swing by Super Simple Songs: The same ABCs with a new swing rhythm, this one is great for preschoolers.

12. The Alphabet Song Phonics Song for Kids: A little slower than some of the more peppy tunes above, I love that this Jack Hartmann Alphabet Song references both the letter name and most common initial letter sound for each letter, making it a great tie in with your classroom phonics program.

13. Alphabet Sign and Sing: A second version of Jack Hartman’s alphabet song, this time with Jack signing using American Sign Language.

14. Alphabet Dance: Okay, so this one might be a bit more dancing than singing but it’s so much fun it’s earned a place on our list! Get the wiggles out with an ABC dance like no other!

15. Animal Alphabet by Key Wilde: A fun alphabet story told through a song about fun animal antics with gorgeous illustrations. I can also see this inspiring some great alphabet animal drawing with older children.

16. The Yoga Alphabet by Bari Koral: A bonus addition to the list, this again may be a little more on the side of moving than singing but what a great way to bring kids attention back to the present moment than some focused movement!

Choose any (or all) of the above alphabet song videos to sing with your preschool, kindergarten or first grade class and we can guarantee that this will be the most fun you will ever have singing the alphabet!

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