100 Ways To Love Your Wife – Bring Back That Husband And Wife Romance

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Where has all the husband and wife romance gone these days? It’s common practice for couples to stop courting one another after several years of marriage, but is that the right thing to do? Here are 100 ways to love your wife just in case you need a reminder of how simple it truly is to express this emotion to the most important woman in your life.

Husband And Wife Romance

100 Ways To Love Your Wife – Bring Back That Husband And Wife Romance

Husband and wife romance is like no other. We all know this. There isn’t another person on this planet that I love the way that I love my hubby. Sometimes he drives me crazy. Sometimes I love him so much I can’t see straight. Sometimes I can’t imagine my life without him. Sometimes all I do is imagine my life without him. That’s 20+ years of marriage for you.

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For women, I think it’s easier to express emotions and to show love. We are raised to lean into our feelings. Men – not so much. We all know that you mean to love your wife and that you absolutely do in your heart of hearts, but showing it is another thing entirely.

Husband And Wife Love

Husband And Wife Love – 100 Ways To Express It

Here are 100 ways to love your wife that you can start implementing today. I mean … immediately. There’s nothing on this list that requires you to fly off to a far away land or seek out an expensive diamond. This list is filled with small moves. The little things that make a marriage work.

I hope you look at my 100 ways to love your wife and get inspired or get reminded of just how easy it was in the beginning. You know, before everyone got so comfortable. Heck, this list could be read by a woman about her husband as well!

  1. Flirt with her.
  2. Tell her how you feel.
  3. Listen to her when she is talking.
  4. Plug into the present.
  5. Don’t sleep in. Wake when she wakes.
  6. Spend quiet times with her.
  7. Don’t hold onto the past.
  8. Surprise her! Women love surprises!
  9. Tell her whenever you are thinking about her.
  10. Send her text messages throughout the day – stay in touch.
  11. Learn her love languages.
  12. Be kind to her family.
  13. Start new traditions.
  14. Notice small changes that she makes to herself.
  15. Open up to trying something new.
  16. Do some chores around the house without being asked.
  17. Find the milk without involving her.
  18. Step into arguments that the children are having and don’t make her keep being the bad guy… all the time.
  19. Surprise her with takeout.
  20. When you are out in public – hold hands.
  21. Find out what’s going on with her in her life.
  22. Set up a girls’ night out and surprise her!
  23. Breakfast in bed.
  24. Don’t be so defensive.
  25. Never speak poorly about her to your family.
  26. Never speak poorly about her to your children.
  27. Care about what is happening in her friend circle if she wants to share it.
  28. When she is having a really hard day – be the solution. Don’t add to the problem.
  29. When she is excited, show that you are also excited about her plans.
  30. Laugh at her jokes.
  31. Don’t talk poorly about her family… even if they deserve it.
  32. Leave little love notes around the house.
  33. Admit when you are wrong. Recognize you are capable of being wrong.
  34. Don’t forget to be physical throughout the day.
  35. Be playful.
  36. Remember – always -why you started dating.
  37. See her as a woman and not just a mother.
  38. Stop criticizing.
  39. Be kind.
  40. Don’t forget about eye contact.
  41. Thank her when she does something for the family.
  42. Apologize when you make mistakes – even to the children.
  43. Appreciate all the small things that she does every day for the family.
  44. Never stop laughing.
  45. Never stop dating.
  46. Stay as involved as possible with the children.
  47. Choose your words carefully while fighting. You can’t take anything back. Women never forget.
  48. Have joint hobbies.
  49. Respect her hobbies that you don’t want to participate in.
  50. Never comment on any weight gain.
  51. Don’t forget to have alone time while at home. Adults are allowed to watch a movie or two while the kids are on games. This is forever.
  52. Have sex. Often. I shouldn’t have to say this … but this is like, top ten for husband and wife romance. Don’t let this fire die. No matter how “you can’t find the time”.
  53. Make her that one favorite drink at night.
  54. Be an active father.
  55. Compliment your wife in front of your friend group.
  56. Set good examples.
  57. Practice what you preach.
  58. Be a provider.
  59. Stop fighting the same fights over and over again. Learn from them. Grow from them.
  60. Help put the kids to bed at night.
  61. Establish REGULAR date nights. Something to look forward to together.
  62. Clean up after yourself.
  63. Set family goals together.
  64. Take vacations together.
  65. Go food shopping together.
  66. Give details.
  67. Pray for her.
  68. Fix whatever is broken WITHOUT HER HAVING TO ASK.
  69. Take the initiative on anything – MY GOD!
  70. Respect her.
  71. Say thank you. This is huge for husband and wife romance. HUGE!
  72. Don’t walk by your wife without touching her in some way.
  73. Don’t get upset if she asks for updates throughout the day. Just give them to her. Women like to talk.
  74. Understand her faults. Be stronger than them.
  75. Don’t be a right fighter
  76. Kill the bugs.
  77. Always remember to have fun with one another.
  78. Dance every single time you hear your wedding song – no matter where you are.
  79. Be 100% responsible for the car.
  80. Do not fight in front of the children.
  81. A hug doesn’t always have to lead into sex.
  82. Always have her favorite treats in the house.
  83. Always have her favorite wine in the house.
  84. Accept that she is not you. That you two are different people and see the world differently.
  85. Accept that being different people is a gift and not a curse.
  86. Let her sleep in.
  87. Grab the kids and go. Give her a day of silence to do whatever she wants.
  88. Stop pushing issues onto the back burner. Address them. Clear them up. Move on.
  89. Figure out retirement plans TODAY.
  90. Tell her that you love her every single day.
  91. Bring back the love letter.
  92. Don’t forget to buy her gifts or to make her gifts on holidays.
  93. Don’t forget that small gifts are not just for holidays.
  94. Put the toilet seat down.
  95. Spend quality time together every single day.
  96. Wake up each morning with a kiss.
  97. Never go to bed angry.
  98. Send the kids to grandma’s house for the weekend and reconnect… all weekend.
  99. Trust her.
  100. Love her with your whole heart – lean into it. Know that this woman is your everything. And you will end your days with her. Know that she gave you the life you are living. Everything you have and know is because of the world the two of you built together. Breathe that in every morning and every night. Don’t close any part of you to her.

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Husbands, Love Your Wives

So, to all of those husbands out there looking to love your wives – I hope this list of 100 ways to love your wife gave you a great place to start. Small moves that you can make every single day.

These suggestions are so tiny, but they will make a big difference to your spouse. I promise you that your husband and wife romance will grow if you just look at this list every now and then.

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husbands love your wives

When I first got married to my husband, he would get me a card for every occasion. Inside that card, he would write paragraph after paragraph expressing just how he felt about me. Bill was quite the love letter writer!

But I wasn’t. I thought they were a waste of money. $4 for a card? That is crazy. I thought logically – even in college.

Where would I put all these cards? Should I keep them? In 20 years, how many cards would you have purchased? STOP WITH THE CARDS! I know you love me!

And so – he stopped. Looking back. on that at 42, I can see how silly I was. I always had a good man. I still do today. But I silenced him in an attempt to save us a few bucks. How absolutely ridiculous.

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Husband And Wife Love Changes Over The Years

He doesn’t write me anymore cards and that’s my own doing, of course. I guess it wasn’t my love language. But maybe 20 years later, it is? How different would he be today if I didn’t stop him from writing me those letters all those years ago?

Trying to save money even as a teen. I guess I grew up that way and I couldn’t let it go.

Still snagged him. Still have three beautiful children. But how did I reshape our future by correcting this behavior? I think about that every now and then – especially since I grew up to be a writer and not a computer programmer. I don’t live in a world of logic today. I live in a world of emotion. Funny how things work out.

What would our husband and wife love look like if I just let him be himself?

husband and wife love is special

Anyway – I digress. The point of this story is to tell you that husband and wife love is special. A romance with a wife is decades long. So, it has to be treated like a marathon – not a sprint. You can’t fly off to Hawaii every weekend. That’s just not sustainable.

Instead, just get her a hot cup of coffee every morning and squeeze her butt. Maybe, do the dishes and give the kids their shower. Pick up some Chinese food and freaking vacuum. Then, end it all with a long chat after the kids go to sleep. Sounds like the perfect night to me.

Do you have any husband and wife romance tips? Would love to hear!

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